Friday, October 30, 2009


  • The Monologue:
    • By now, I'm sure you've heard of Andre Agassi's autobiography, in which he admits that he lied to tennis officials about being clean and was taking crystal meth. Not to be outdone, Jennifer Capriati released a book saying that she too was lying and she in fact was sober all along.
    • David Spade is defending a DirectTV ad that shows him with Chris Farley. Some people are saying the ad is disrespectful to the dead. Since when were people so concerned with disrespecting David Spade's career?
    • A report shows that West Virginia is the state with the highest proportion of people reporting little sleep. It's hard to count sheep when they're only in your bed one at a time. I mean, seriously, bigamy is just wrong!
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Jaison's a loser. Russell finally cracked because his tribe is losing so much. Even with the merge coming up next week, it's still hard to see how someone from Galu -- probably John or Erik -- doesn't come out on top.
    • What can you say about Game 2? The umps blew two more calls and Charlie Manuel blew a couple himself. Have to send the runners to break up the double play in the eighth inning and have to take Pedro out after the sixth. It was very Grady Little of him. We have a series, as expected, and it goes back to Philly on Saturday night.
    • Pettitte pitched against the Phillies in New York this year, giving up four runs in seven innings and getting a no-decision when Lidge blew the save. Hamels pitched against the Yankees in New York in a different game, giving up two runs in six innings and getting a no-decision when Lidge blew that save.
    • A-Rod is 0 for 8 with 6 Ks in the Series. Since K-Rod is already taken by Francisco Rodriguez, I propose calling Alex 0-Rod (with a zero).
  • Random TV Scene:
    • A blog today posted this video and got into a discussion about iconic TV moments and whether they are still possible since there are so many channels out there. I think it's more about whether iconic moments in regular TV shows (i.e., not news) are possible. What was the last one? If not this one, then "The Contest" on Seinfeld? My wife took exception to me saying the video below was iconic, because there are probably lots of people who didn't see it and wouldn't know it. Uh-uh. This s*** is iconic. One of the top TV moments of at least the 1980s.


angie said...

To be honest, I usually skip watching the videos you post, but I had to watch that one!

I could maybe see your wife's point if she's talking about people under a certain age. I feel like that show wasn't/isn't in reruns enough for say high school kids or younger to have seen. But people our age or older? Who didn't see it??

Betsy said...

I saw it!

Betsy said...

Also, nice zinger on David Spade!

steve said...

I may be a bit late to the party but I would have to say that the establishment of an alliance between Richard Hatch, Sue and the old guy from the Navy on the first season of Survivor was an iconic moment. It changed the way contestants behave on these shows. Just a thought, not a sermon.

Betsy said...

Another late post, but what jumps out to me as an iconic TV moment is "Who Shot Mr. Burns" on The Simpsons. I dunno about everyone else, but my brother and I crowded around the TV to see that season finale and then spent the rest of the summer proposing theories of what could have happened and who it could have been. Very suspenseful.