Sunday, October 18, 2009

Radio At A Reasonable Level

Went tonight to see a 10th anniversary screening of Office Space, along with a Q&A with actors Stephen Root and Gary Cole. Really good stuff. Amazing how much that movie holds up.

NFL Week 6 (10-4 last week, 46-30 overall):
  • Kansas City (+6.5) at Washington: The Skins win this -- remember that the three O-Coordinator teams are now a combined 1-14, with the only win being Buffalo over another of the teams, Tampa -- but how do they still give close to a TD?
  • New Orleans (-3) vs. New York Giants: Coming off a bye, at home on the turf.
  • Carolina (-3) at Tampa: Kind of want to take Tampa, but see my first remark on KC.
  • Houston (+4.5) vs. Cincinnati: The Bengals love to play close games.
  • Minnesota (-3) vs. Baltimore: The Ravens can definitely win this one, but I can't predict it.
  • Cleveland (+13.5) at Pittsburgh: I took Detroit +10.5 against the Steelers last week because the Steelers haven't blown anyone out yet (the San Diego game was weird). I'll keep going that way.
  • Jacksonville (-10) vs. St. Louis: The Rams are the worst team in the league. I'm not sure that even the Raiders are that close.
  • Green Bay (-11.5) vs. Detroit: I hate this pick, but it's a home game for a team coming off a bye and an embarrassing loss before that.
  • Philadelphia (-13) at Oakland: You can't make this line high enough. Eagles get 21? Okay. Eagles get 28? Um... Okay.
  • Seattle (-3) vs. Arizona: I have no idea. The Seahawks have looked awesome when Hasselbeck has played. The Cardinals have been very up and down.
  • Tennessee (+9) at New England: A lot of points for the Patriots. They haven't clicked yet offensively.
  • New York Jets (-9.5) vs. Buffalo: The New York D has to be fired up after their awful showing on Monday. Happy Birthday, kids, it's Trent Edwards coming to town.
  • Atlanta (-3.5) vs. Chicago: Not sure I'm totally buying Chicago yet, although I'm not fully sold on the Falcons either.
  • Denver (+3) at San Diego: I think the Chargers win by a field goal, but I can't rule out them totally not showing up for the game.

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