Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unchecked Cynicism

Went to see The Invention of Lying, Ricky Gervais' film, yesterday. It's very funny in the beginning and a little less so towards the end. Gervais is great as always and there are a surprising number of amazing cameos by huge actors (and also ones by Stephen Merchant and Shaun Williamson of Extras). It says a lot about the esteem a writer is held in when so many stars are happy to take bit parts in their movies. Gervais is definitely worthy of that esteem. The biggest thing about this movie though is that, as a twist on the premise, the plot becomes somewhat anti-religion. Well, "somewhat" in that Bill Maher would be jealous of how scathing this film is in its own way. That's not to say that it doesn't show some benefits of religion, it's just that those benefits are much more hidden than the mockery which is as blatant as can be. Overall, worth a DVD rental, good date movie, worth seeing if you're a Gervais fan. Word is that he is co-writing his next film with Merchant, the same team that brought us not only Extras, but The Office (the revolutionary British one, of course).

While pondering how the Cardinals won as many games in the postseason as the Nationals, Pirates, and Orioles combined (and very well soon to be Boston as well), on to week 4 (8-6 last week, 36-26 overall):
  • Minnesota (-10) at St. Louis: I believe I heard this week that St. Louis is 5-32 in their last 37 games.
  • Cincinnati (+8.5) at Baltimore: Division game feels close to me. Don't think we would have foreseen this game as being for first place in the AFC North.
  • Carolina (-4.5) vs. Washington: The Panthers are coming off of their bye week, but part of me expects the Skins to play better now that everyone has completely written them off.
  • Detroit (+10.5) vs. Pittsburgh: A lot of points to give. Don't really know on this one.
  • Kansas City (+7.5) vs. Dallas: Any reason to think the Dallas team that we've seen on national TV the last three weeks can cover more than a TD on the road.
  • New York Giants (-15.5) vs. Oakland: Eli's playing. So is Russell.
  • Philadelphia (-15.5) vs. Tampa: How bad is this game going to get with McNabb coming back?
  • Cleveland (-6) at Buffalo: Cleveland's bad. But the three teams that fired their offensive coordinators in the last week of the preseason are a combined 1-11 (with the only win being Buffalo over one of the other teams, Tampa). I said it last week to great success: Buffalo is way worse than everyone thinks they are.
  • San Francisco (-2.5) vs. Atlanta: Don't get this line. On a neutral field, the Falcons would be favored by 1/2 a point? A Falcons team that barely beat Carolina and looked sluggish against the Patriots? Favored against a team that's a freak play away from being 4-0?
  • Jacksonville (+1.5) at Seattle: Hasselbeck should be back, but I'm a believer.
  • Arizona (-5) vs. Houston: If you take fantasy football out of it, doesn't anyone care even the tiniest bit about this game?
  • Denver (+3.5) vs. New England: Keep making them home dogs, I'll keep picking them, especially if I'm getting more than a field goal.
  • Indianapolis (-4) at Tennessee: Well, I guess the Titans really are a lot worse than we thought. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning is playing some of the best football of his career. I bet against him on Sunday night a few weeks ago in Arizona. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, we won't get fooled again.
  • New York Jets (-2) at Miami: Great rivalry, big division game. Wouldn't be surprised to see this go in the other direction.

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