Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight, We Shake Our Heads In Disappointment. Tomorrow, We Dance.

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Thanks to Angie for her comments on Idol, so I know I'm not alone in some of my thoughts. Funny that the news story comes out today that someone leaked that the show was rigged to have a top four of Danny, Adam, Lil, and Alexis, and a finals of Danny and Alexis. Guess that wasn't the case. But, ugh. I know she wasn't great last night, but the show is much weaker for not having Alexis on it anymore.
    • No Lost comments tonight, because there's not much to say. Enjoying it, but the only mystery was the same one: Why didn't Sun, much less Frank and Ben, jump back in time? Wasn't the "shock" ending the most predictable one ever?
  • Dancin':
    • The tournament starts tomorrow and I'll be out all day watching it. I don't know the schedule by heart, but I'm fairly certain that the UCLA-VCU and Cal-MD games are going on at the same time, (UCLA-VCU is much later) which should cause quite a stir here in the DC area. Here are some notes:
    • Game I'm Most Excited About: UCLA-VCU. I have the Rams losing to Villanova in the second round, but I think they're capable of going on quite a run. It all starts tomorrow when we see if the Maynor-Sanders duo is as good as I've been hyping it to be.
    • Player I'm Most Excited About: James Harden, Arizona State. Dude is so freaking smooth. He can do everything on the court and he does it with so much ease. He kind of reminds me of a James Worthy-type. Runners-up: Ty Lawson, North Carolina; DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh; Jeff Teague, Wake Forest.
    • Lesser Known Player I'm Excited About: Shelvin Mack, Butler. I have an unhealthy fascination with Mack's jumper, which is the smoothest I can remember seeing in a long time. Doesn't mean he has a better one than Curry, he just has a beautiful release. Runners-up: Kenny Hansbrouck, Siena; Ben Woodside, North Dakota State.
    • Team That Drives Me The Craziest: I'm talking about the team about which I have no idea how to pick. It's Duke. They're not big enough and they have so little talent outside of Henderson and Singler. The only problem is that there are no threats on their side of the bracket. Villanova is good, but their three-guard offense plays right into the hands of Duke's strong perimeter defense. Runner-up: Connecticut.
    • My Cinderella: Clemson. I didn't pick any double-digit seeds into the Sweet 16, which will happen. I was tempted on VCU and I think Western Kentucky may have a shot, given Gonzaga's recent history. So, I went with my 7-seed that I took to the Elite 8. The Tigers could totally lose to Michigan in the first round, but they have a lot of talent and they have enough offensive balance to take out Oklahoma, who lost approximately a million games down the stretch.
    • My Non-1-Seed Final Four If I Were Crazy Enough To Pick Them: Wake Forest, Missouri, Florida State, and Gonzaga. But I'm not crazy enough to pick them.
    • My Final Four: Michigan State, Connecticut (I hate every team in the West regional, so I'm going with the 1-seed), Pittsburgh, and UNC. It's a shame that Pitt and Carolina have to play in the national semifinal, if they make it that far, but it could set up a nice rematch between Pitt and UConn.
    • My National Champion: Pittsburgh. On paper -- and they don't play the games on paper -- they are the best. They have all the talent of Carolina with infinitely more toughness and defensive ability.


Anonymous said...

he whole concept of man on an island reminds us of who we truly are. "Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over," Jack says. Who they were before the crash was their old nature. This time on the island represents their chance at redemption -- if they want it. This show is easily one of the best new shows of the year.


Anonymous said...

oops, I meant "The"...(sorry for the two posts)

Roy said...

Damn! Our final four ended up the same. I thought I was going off board with Michigan State since Louisville was the overall number one, and most people don't do as much chalk as I did this year. Oh well, I guess we're rooting together.

The leaked Idol thing was almost comically timed. I think Alexis ended up a very unfortunate casualty to having Country week so early in this leg of the competition. It's a genre that a small minority of contestants look very good, and the large majority, including some of the best, look reduced. It should be swapped with a later theme.