Saturday, March 28, 2009

And They Are Indisputable

These are the facts:
  • I sometimes have to think for a while to get a good post title, but I'm pretty happy with the ones from the last few days -- an apt line from an apt song, Metallica's "...And Justice For All".
  • Speaking of, Guitar Hero: Metallica releases on Sunday. The centerpiece song will be "Master of Puppets" and it looks to be heavy on Black Album fare.
  • I'm surprised at the margin of Louisville's win -- I thought that Arizona was a bit more talented.
  • Michigan State seems to be like Pitt in that they just make big plays when they need to. Pitt has Fields and Blair to do it, the Spartans have Lucas and Walton. Obviously, Michigan State has the much worse matchup with Louisville, but you have to think they're coached well enough to be able to keep themselves in the game.
  • Connecticut looks unstoppable, but that doesn't mean they'll win it all, since Pitt's had their number. It doesn't even mean they'll beat Missouri because of Mike Anderson's frenetic style. However, while I thought Missouri would beat Memphis because Memphis had no true point guard, UConn's AJ Price should be able to beat the press and get the Huskies into the Final Four.
  • Villanova beat Pit by ten in Philly earlier in the season, but Blair only had seven and eight. Obviously, he'll do better. Amazing how exposed Duke was in that game on Thursday. They didn't look like they even belonged in the tournament.
  • The least surprising result of the Sweet 16 round was Carolina's rout of Gonzaga. If the Zags couldn't stop one Western Kentucky guard from going off, how were they supposed to stop Wayne Ellington? Carolina and Oklahoma should be a heck of a game. How he fares against Griffin should say a lot about Hansbrough's prospects at the next level. With Lawson back though, the Tarheels are rolling.
  • Billy Gillespie's out at Kentucky. I've heard Izzo mentioned, but that's beyond ridiculous. Billy Donovan is the obvious choice, but I like Jay Wright or Mike Anderson as well.
  • The Ryan Moats story is pretty bad. I understand the cop being angry at first, but given the circumstances you have to give the person the benefit of the doubt. Escort them in. If they're lying, arrest them.

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