Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dancin': First Thoughts

While pondering JT's tooth loss on Survivor (catching up on a week of show's lost to basketball) and how I'd console any St. Mary's fans I knew if I knew any, here are first thoughts on the tourney:
  • I watched ESPN's special and everyone adored Louisville, Syracuse, and Memphis. You know what that means. Louisville, Syracuse, and Memphis are probably all really overrated. We know what's up with the pundits.
  • I loved VCU after their dismantling of Mason and that hasn't changed a bit. An Eric Maynor-Darren Collison matchup should be a lot of fun, with Villanova's Scottie Reynolds waiting in the next round. There are some really great point guards around the country this year.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Arizona State yet, but their first round matchup should be a lot of fun to watch. NBA-bound swingmen James Harden (ASU) and Dionte Christmas (Temple) are two of the most talented all-around performers in the country.
  • Carolina potentially has a good path to Detroit, but they kind of got screwed on the second round game. The 8-9 matchup is between LSU and Butler, who entered Championship Week ranked #16 and #17, respectively, in the coaches' poll.
  • If I have one beef with the tournament committee, it's them putting Pittsburgh and Carolina -- the two best teams on paper -- on the same half of the bracket. It's quite possible that the real championship game will be that national semifinal.
  • If we're talking about dancin', I know who my starting five is. Take it away, Coz!

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