Saturday, March 7, 2009

side bends or situps

Random Pop Culture:
  • How come Puerto Rican contestant Jorge Nunez is allowed to be in American Idol but Puerto Rico has their own World Baseball Classic team? Make up your mind, Puerto Rico. Either you are with us or against us.
  • While spending a few days in New York, I enjoyed listening to the following discussion on WFAN. Alex Rodriguez is now suddenly "injured" only a few days after meeting with the commissioner to talk about his use of steroids. A few callers now suspect that perhaps it is not really an injury but instead a hushed up suspension so that he has time to get clean. Conspiracy theorists unite!!!
  • Don't forget to spring back your clocks tomorrow morning.
  • Is any Hollywood personality more overpaid than Vanna White? What exactly does she do? Any blonde bimbo can walk across the stage and touch a letter. I wish Wheel of Fortune would bring back the old rules where you didn't get to keep the cash but instead had to choose from the random sponsored items. (I'll take the black and white television for $3,000, Pat.)

Random Hatred And/Or Love:
I know that millions of people read this blog on a daily basis (give or take a few). I want to call out one person who may or may not be a reader. If you drive a car with New York license plate AV360, you are officially on notice. Mr. AV360, you were driving on a highway in Manhattan on Wednesday. You see a funeral procession going by as you approach a bridge. You think to yourself that it would be fun to cut into the middle of the procession so that the procession gets broken up. Who cares that everyone has their hazards on and other lanes are moving faster. It doesn't matter that the person behind you is constantly flashing his high beams. Thank you AV360 for being Rick.

Random Music Video:
I am very excited to learn that Richard Cheese will be performing at the 930 club in DC next month. Many of you may never have heard of this guy. He doesn't have too many original songs. In fact, I believe all of his songs are covers. Richard Cheese is essentially a lounge singer. Watch his version on Jimmy Kimmel. I apologize for the grainy picture but it's classic Richard Cheese performance.

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