Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hint: They All Deserve It

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Finally caught up with a great House from Monday (they had strayed from the pure House-Wilson dynamic since the beginning of the season) and a pretty good 24. The moment to remember was definitely when Moss was talking to Jack and put his hand on Jack's chest. Jack just calmly looks down and then back at Moss, who looks down and pulls his hand away. Good stuff.
    • Still two weeks behind on Heroes. I'll get there.
    • Not a huge surprise with Jasmine and Jorge going home. Jasmine wasn't very good after the first week and she sort of looks like the alien from the movie Explorers. I bet you haven't heard an Explorers reference in a really long time, even though it was the first feature film for both Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. As for Jorge, I question Idol's success with the latino demographic. No numbers to back that up, just feel like the show is as white as white can be. It's the mayonnaise of reality shows (Survivor is ketchup -- the tried and true -- and The Hills is salt -- the condiment that people wouldn't consider a condiment, plus too much of it will kill you).
    • And why would Kanye be on the show? Seemed very weird to have such a huge star be on such an early episode, if any episode at all.
    • The big boy tournaments start tonight with the first ranked Big East team (Syracuse) playing and the Big 12 and Pac-10 getting underway. The Big East is always the first tournament to air entirely in HD, which makes me lament my hours of watching grainy basketball over the last few days. ACC starts tomorrow, but I actually really love the Pac-10 tournament. I think it has to do with the fact that we almost never get to see any of those teams, which is a shame; Washington is legit. Actually, one of the games through which I'm flipping right now is Stanford vs. Oregon State. Sort of weird to see Craig Robinson coaching, especially since you can see the clear resemblance between him and his sister.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • Family values make for great politics, huh?
  • Random New Addiction:
    • There was an article in today's Diamondback (UMCP's paper) about, a site where people can post short blurbs about bad things that happened to them. Some of the blurbs are obviously fake, but most are amusing and some are downright hilarious. It's hard to stop reading them once you get started.


angie said...

So, I think I've only heard Kanye twice - last night and once on SNL. Awful both times!! I assume his rapping is significantly better than his singing...?

I, too, thought it was interesting that he would agree to appear on the show, but I also thought it was interesting that the show would go with someone who would never have even made it to Hollywood if he'd had to try out for AI. Although, I guess they have also made a few surprisingly honest comments on camera this year about it being more than just singing...

Josh said...

Yeah, his rapping is SIGNIFICANTLY better than his singing. The singing sounds fine on the album, thanks to the producers, but definitely good live.