Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Old Snow Job

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Snow day today. So, yeah, the guy who said he was in a coma so he couldn't be the father? He was the father!
    • Let's pretend that nobody swam to the White House on 24 tonight. Instead, let's focus on ten of the awesomest seconds in 24 history. Jack gets called by the president while torturing the evil guy (who doesn't even give him fake info, so that's unrealistic, too). Jack than proceeds to taser the phone for no apparent reason!! Then, seconds later, the soldiers bust through the door to stop Jack and the first guy in kicks aside a chair that isn't even in his way. You should watch it back, if you can -- it's freaking hilarious.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • Tomorrow, the Maryland Senate is going to debate a bill that would repeal the death penalty. An e-mail from O'Malley's office today led me to send an e-mail to my state senator in support of the bill. I'm actually pro-death penalty, in theory. There are just some crimes for which someone needs to pay the ultimate price. However (and this is a huge however), you'd have to convince me that there is absolutely zero chance that someone innocent could be put to death. This is just the most basic common sense of all time to me. And since there are people on Death Row who have been found to be innocent (read Grisham's great non-fiction book, The Innocent Man), you just can't take that risk. Can not kill an innocent person. It'll happen sooner or later.
  • It's March!:
    • We're watching Cinderellas and tonight it's Creighton, out of the always-competitive Missouri Valley Conference. Twenty-five wins, including ten in a row. Their leading scorer has the awesome name of Booker Woodfox and he shoots over 50% from downtown. It's the hot mid-majors that make a splash in March and one can definitely see Creighton coming in the ten to twelve range and making a bit of a run. Meanwhile, conference tourneys get underway tomorrow in the Big South and the Ohio Valley. It's that time of year!


Anonymous said...

I have the exact same view on the death penalty-- unless the system is perfect, gets it right every time, you can't use the ultimate penalty. I've had at least one person tell me he thought that was a cop-out (I guess because it doesn't tackle the morality of the issue? I'm not sure). I just see it as logical. You can argue the morality of killing a killer all you want, but if you execute even one innocent person, you're just the same as any other murderer, aren't you?


uleiJ said...

Great post and definetly great book.