Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Idol Chatter

Now, as I deftly weave other stories into the discussion, it's finalist time! As the thirteen come out to butcher Michael Jackson songs with Adam Lambert annoying me and Alexis Grace dressing like a generic Halloween Playmate, here we go:
  • Lil Rounds, singing "The Way You Make Me Feel": The order is a bit surprising tonight, with Lil and Danny going early and Alexis getting to close it out. She's a great singer. What else do you want?
  • Scott MacIntyre, singing "Keep The Faith": I have to say that I'm unfamiliar with this song. Is it the whitest Michael Jackson song or did Scott just make it that way? The judges say "safe", "old-fashioned", and "not dynamic". Like I said, "white". I'm on record as not being a fan, but this is, after all, the season of the disabled reality show contestant.
  • Danny Gokey, singing "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)": Apparently, he lives in either the house from Caddyshack or The Meaning of Life. I really like how he started it, to make the song more his own. I think he actually moved a bit too much, which put him out of breath a bit. Sort of a mess, but his voice is still great. If he gets voted out, it would be a bigger upset than the Netherlands knocking the Dominican Republic out of the WBC tonight (the Netherlands are known for pot and the Dominican is known for over-the-counter steroids; which one do you think would help more?).
  • Michael Sarver, singing "You Are Not Alone": It's not fair to make this guy, who didn't deserve to be in the finals, sing a song like this. Horrible. The judges' praise of him was about as dead-on as the fact that Yahoo right now has, at the top of their page, a story about how Chuck Norris Facts are blowing up on the web. Timely!
  • Jasmine Murray, singing "I'll Be There": The problem is that Mariah re-recorded this in 1992 (the same year as Jasmine was born!) and that's never good. She's okay, but the hopes for her were so high back at the beginning. By the way, I feel like Paula is seriously stepping up her game as a judge this year with Kara there to threaten her.
  • Kris Allen, singing "Remember The Time": If Danny from NKOTB and David Archuleta had offspring, it would be Kris Allen. I don't really remember any of his performance, but that means it must not have been so awful, right?
  • Allison Irahita (whose father has the haircut that Jim Carrey had in Dumb and Dumber), singing "Give In To Me": She's way better as I like to think she is, but she definitely oversings a bit. I think she thinks she's a lot better than she is. Really great personality though, she makes Jason Castro look like Taylor Hicks.
  • As we go to commercial with Anoop doing an awesome Thriller dance...
  • Anoop Desai (trying to figure out why his given name is Gogol), singing "Beat It": We all love 'Noop, right? No need for any other in-depth analysis, even if the judges bash him because he's not one of the plants. So the game of the night was Cleveland State knocking off #17 Butler to win the Horizon championship. They out-Butler-ed Butler, playing tremendous defense, getting the key rebounds, and doing just enough to win. Great scene at the end with the coach standing on the sidelines, looking up, and sobbing at what his team had accomplished.
  • Jorge Nunez, singing "Never Can Say Goodbye": The best part of this is that the song hit #1 on the Billboard chart called, between 1982 and 1990, "Hot Black Singles". I think that's a website. Anyway, his performance was okay, but I feel like he needs to show more soul. That would be "soul", not "sole", lest he be jumped by this turtle.
  • Megan Corkrey, singing "Rockin;' Robin": Not only is she super hot, but her mom is hot, too. Caw! Weird song choice, but I do (caw!) like her voice. Caw caw! Vote For The Worst chose her, mostly for some (caw) reason (caw) I (caw) can't (caw) remember (caw). It bothers me that the robin outbopped the oriole too, since it'll clearly be accomplished by most of the teams in the American League. Caw caw!
  • Adam Lambert, singing "Black and White": Notice how The Darkness never covers Michael Jackson? Might be something to ponder. Oh, man, do I hate this guy. Apparently the crowd and the judges, who loved him, loves screeching. They'd have a damn aneurysm if Samuel Powers walked on stage. And what's with that uber-closeup?
  • Matt Giraud, singing "Human Nature": You knew that, with what he does for a living, he'd blow us away given a pop song and the chance to play piano. I'd compare this favorably to a David Cook-esque performance. He was more than a bit flat in the falsetto, but otherwise he made the song his own and his playing ability sets him apart. Kara so wants him.
  • Alexis Grace, singing "Dirty Diana": The girl can sing, though she should be worried that everyone voting for her will be calling the porn number at IDOLS13. I don't think she's quite good enough to be a factor at the end of the season, but she's in the top half of the contestants.

I'm going to say that Megan and Michael will be gone (because I don't want to see Anoop go).


Steve said...

How did every contestant (especially the rockers) skip over Smooth Criminal?

angie said...

Wait, they're getting rid of two people this week? I only saw from the comments on Anoop (didn't see his actual performance though) to the end.

Josh said...

Yep, Simon announced it early on.