Monday, March 23, 2009

A Lovely Light

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • It's amazing that Mark and Michael didn't get eliminated on this week's The Amazing Race. The producers want all the teams to dance, that why they always make the other option something like literally finding a needle in a haystack. But the bumbling brothers chose the stupid option. I'm waiting for a leg where the detour is, "You can either sing a song in front of this crowd of natives or you must fly, under your own power, to the pit stop."
    • Finished a very good season of Big Love tonight. It tickles me that Bill's brother-in-law is played by the same guy (though much grayer) who played Professor Jeremiah Lasky on Saved by the Bell: The College Years.
    • I have jury duty tomorrow, so I'll be ducking Pauly Shore like it was 1990.
  • Dancin':
    • Per the usual, the best games were saved for last today, with Michigan State's escape (my Final Four remains intact!), Mizzou's controversial win, and Louisville's way-too-close survival of Siena. How freaking great is the online March Madness On Demand from CBS Sports? My wife watched something on TV while I had three windows with each game open on the laptop, in HD quality. So I could flip as time and situation warranted and I could always keep the audio up to the Gus Johnson one. I'm actually kind of surprised they don't charge for that.
    • Great performances today by Cole Aldrich of Kansas with a triple-double (the last one I can remember off-hand in the tourney was Dwyane Wade's against Kentucky), Levance Fields/Sam Young/DeJuan Blair of Pitt (just huge plays whenever their team needed them, highlighted by Fields' heads-up rebound/timeout off his one-and-one miss right before halftime that led to a game-tying three at the buzzer), and Jerel McNeal of Marquette.
    • Upcoming questions for each of the Sweet 16 games: I know a team can have one bad game, but how does Louisville beat a very hot Arizona if they can barely beat Siena? Can Kansas continue their Collins/Aldrich two-man game against a team as balanced as Michigan State? Can Purdue's scrappiness make up for their huge talent discrepancy with UConn? Can Mike Anderson's run-and-gun style bother a Memphis team that lacks a true point guard? Can Pitt keep coming up with huge plays to get past close games? Does Villanova's perimeter strength play right into Duke's perimeter defensive strength? Can Gonzaga learn how to play defense in time to check Ty Lawson? Can Syracuse stay hot enough from the outside to overcome Blake Griffin's domination inside?
    • Answer key: I don't know, no, not a chance, very possibly, yes, yes, no, I'd be surprised if they did.
    • I've seen a lot of commercials over the last four days of watching basketball. This is my favorite:

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Roy said...

It's Amazing how similar some of our thoughts and actions can be sometimes. I commented to Kylie last night as we finished this weeks TAR "Are the little guys trying to get themselves kicked off? Why dance easily and advance when they can prove to everyone that even though they are small they can ride bicycles loaded with 9 drums all across India cause they are strong?" I give them two more weeks, max.

As for the MMOD, I did the same exact thing. Princess Delgado watched Judge Judy while I watched buzzer beaters galore. I was jumping up on the coach when Hayward stepped over the line and killed Marquette. And keep quite about them charging for that service. If too many people use that phrase, they will start charging, in which case, I'll have to figure out how to steal it.