Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Navy

Random Pop Culture:

  • Tonight was the finals of the Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy. Larissa Kelly, the greatest female Jeopardy contestant of all time (by $), absolutely looks, sounds and acts just like my wife. Never before have I cheered so much for one contestant. Throughout her time on the show, she was truly gutsy in her wagering and looked embarrassed that she kept winning all of that money. Unfortunately, in tonight's final, she missed the Final Jeopardy question and finished in 2nd place. Here's to you, Marissa-with-an-L.
  • Tonight's ESPN Streak for the Cash pick: Caps and Maple Leafs - 6 goals or less.

Random Hatred And/Or Love:

  • I think I am the only person in the world who actually WANTS to get called for jury duty. I read far too many crime novels and watch much too much legal TV shows to never sit on a trial. I've been called for jury duty only once before and barely sniffed a courtroom. I got eliminated by the defense from a credit card fraud case as soon as they realized that I was an accountant. I know Josh is probably hating the experience right now as most trials are rather mundane. However, I find it riveting and can't wait until Fairfax County pulls my name up.

Random Video:
For those of you from GW, time to reminisce about the greatest halftime show ever! Enjoy!


Josh said...

I was going to take that Caps pick, but took Nashville instead and broke my 5 game winning streak.

Also, I'll be able to talk about it tomorrow, but my last few days have been rather intriguing, moreso than I would have thought going in.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually get picked for a jury? I've been called twice, once in Montgomery County and once in PG, but I wasn't picked either time.


Elisha said...

Loved the halftime show link - brought back such memories!

J said...

I've only received a Jury Duty summons once, but they never called my group number. So, I never even had to show up at the courthouse.

How did I know what it was going to be before clicking on the link?