Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Even Voting Booths in Minnesota Are Safe

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • "Survivor" continues to be very good, but that was one damn frustrating episode.
    • Great "Earl" -- the only sitcom on network TV that I'll watch.
    • I was stuck in traffic for a while today around 1 and turned to ESPN radio to listen to Dan Patrick. Except I forgot that Dan Patrick isn't on anymore. The people filling in for Mike Tirico were pretty bad. Pretty, pretty, pretty bad.
    • I run hot and cold on Jim Rome, but he's obviously not the worst thing on the air.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • You wonder why Larry Craig is staying in the Senate through the convention next year? Wonder no more.
    • How much you want to bet that he drives in, or flies into Duluth and grabs a limo from there?
    • How in God's name is Billboard going to list Nas' new album? And will Wal-Mart or Target carry it? This will definitely bear watching.
    • Horrible Sunday night game in football makes me hope for an ALCS Game 7.
    • On my Cookie Monster becoming healthy bit from yesterday, check out this song. So sad.
  • Daily Rant:
    • I'm totally ripping off a Chuck Klosterman thing here, but I feel strongly about it. Lots of people say this or that is a guilty pleasure. No such thing. Full disclosure: I really really like "Grey's Anatomy" this season. I think "Kid Nation" is the funniest show on TV this season. Linkin Park has some good songs. I'll turn the station from an old Green Day song to listen to an old Journey song any day. Using the term "guilty pleasure" says two things about you. First, it says that you think you're too cool to like things that other people deem to be uncool. Second, it says that you are willing to disrespect yourself by saying that something you like isn't all that good. If you like something, you like it. Why put anything in categories or insult something that you obviously enjoy in some way? Be honest with yourself. Don't pay attention to what other people think. Their houses are as glass as yours is. They all have guilty pleasures of their own and I feel bad for them.

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