Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eat It, Lick It, Snort It, F*** It!

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I think I’m as depressed as Joel McHale that “Viva Laughlin” has already been cancelled. From the clips they showed on “The Soup”, it looked really, really bad to a funny level.
    • Watched two movies today:
      • Jaws: The Revenge – It’s not as bad as Jaws III, for whatever that’s worth. The plot (I’m not making this up) is that a great white shark is chasing the Brody family one by one to get revenge for the many sharks they’ve killed. Mario Van Peebles is ridiculous as a Bahamian native and Michael Caine is in it? Starring Lance Guest (The Last Starfighter), who is the homeless man’s Jason Patric.
      • 3 Days of the Condor – A Pollack film made in 1975, starring Redford and Dunaway in their primes and Max Von Sydow, always a great villain. Gripping, funny,complicated; I highly recommend this one. It concerns a CIA analyst who comes back from lunch to find his entire office murdered and some sort of conspiracy in the works. The big conclusion with what the conspiracy was planning is, to say the least, ironic considering today’s world.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • O’Reilly is against tolerance for gays. Oh, wow. Yeah, he actually says that in this clip.
    • Heads-up. Small blind. K-9, I raise to double the big blind. He calls. Flop comes A-K-J. I check, he bets 500. I call. Turn 9. I check. He bets 700, I raise all-in. He calls and shows Q-10. River doesn’t help me. I think I’d make that same play every time. What are the odds he has that?
    • NFL picks (last week: 9-5, overall: 13-13-1):
      • Chicago (-5) vs. Detroit: The Lions are starting to fall apart and Griese is starting to play well.
      • St. Louis (+3) vs. Cleveland. They have to win one.
      • Indianapolis (-6.5) vs. Carolina. No letdown between big games.
      • Washington (+16) vs. New England. Just have a feeling. The Skins have the best defense the Pats have faced by a mile.
      • San Francisco (+2) vs. New Orleans. The Saints are good enough to be
        road favorites now?
      • N.Y. Jets (-3) vs. Buffalo. They have to have some pride.
      • N.Y. Giants (-9.5) vs. Miami in London. Miami’s secondary will allow Eli to have the greatest air attack in Great Britain since the 1940s.
      • Minnesota (+1) vs. Philadelphia. What is with all of these home dogs vs. mediocre teams?
      • Cincinnati (+3.5) vs. Pittsburgh. Division game.
      • Houston (+9) vs. San Diego. I’m not saying they’ll lose, but the Bolts can’t have their minds only on football.
      • Tampa Bay (+3.5) vs. Jacksonville. Do you know who’s starting at QB for the Jaguars?
      • Tennessee (-7) vs. Oakland. Yawner.
      • Denver (-3) vs. Green Bay. Super yawner.
  • Daily Rant:
    • We all know that people are selfish, lazy, and generally hate-able. You can easily see all of these traits any time you walk into Costco. I don’t particularly like going to the store. The parking stinks with people blocking lanes to wait for someone whose car may or may not be in that row. You walk inside and everybody is pushing past you with no concern that they just pancaked you with a dolly full of pudding cups. You have to fight past a line of people who are waiting 5 minutes for a piece of chicken with a toothpick. Russians didn’t wait as eagerly for bread in the late ‘80s. And the worst of them all? The fat women riding the motorized shopping carts. No discernable disability, yet they lack the perceived ability or motivation to walk to get their 5 pounds of frozen buffalo wings. We need to test cancer drugs or makeup or Iran’s nuclear program on them. They’ve obviously given up on making any kind of real contribution to society. I don’t think this is an overstatement.

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