Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fore, no Eight!

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Thanks NLCS for ending at 2:45 A.M.! When, by my count, Troy Tulowitzki is the 4th biggest star in the series (Holliday, Helton, Webb, in no particular order), you're looking at a winner in the ratings!
    • I'm disappointed in Sabathia... He nibbled and then overthrew after he walked guys. Bad combination. If the Sox get to Carmona tonight, the LCS round will be about as exciting as the LDS round. The playoff one, not the one where all of the Mormon players square off.
    • If you're not watching "The Soup", you're seriously missing out. It's a must-DVR at this point.
    • A poll in this week's EW shows that 73% of people asked said that the original "CSI:" is their favorite. No word on whether the 15% or so who said "CSI: Miami" or "CSI: NY" were from Mississippi.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Here are my most likely wrong Week 6 picks:
      • Arizona (-4.5) vs. Carolina. Vinny. Vinny? No, seriously, Vinny?
      • St. Louis (+9.5) vs. Baltimore. Can the Ravens score 9.5 points?
      • Chicago (-5) vs. Minnesota. Deep down, Vikes fans wish they had Vinny.
      • Cincinnati (-3) vs. Kansas City. The Bengals have had 14 days to prepare for the Chiefs' offense. Which is about 13 days and 23 hours too much.
      • Cleveland (-4.5) vs. Miami. Fins fans wish they had Tarvaris Jackson.
      • Push in Washington (+3) at Green Bay. A field goal sounds about right in that one.
      • Houston (+6.5) vs. Jacksonville. Those upstart Texans tend to keep it close.
      • New England (-5.5) vs. Dallas. Call this a heat check -- I'll pick them to cover until they don't.
      • N.Y. Jets (+3.5) vs. Philadelphia. They both stink, so I'll take the home team.
      • Oakland (+9.5) vs. San Diego. That's quite a big line for Team Turner (Norv, not Michael).
      • Seattle (-6.5) vs. New Orleans. The Saints get the exact opposite treatment of the Pats.
      • Tennessee (+3) vs. Tampa Bay. Really? The Titans are underdogs?
      • N.Y. Giants (-3.5) vs. Atlanta. Yawn.
    • Played golf today for the first time this year. That boded well going in. I went right more than Sam Brownback.
  • Daily Rant:
    • "Borat" premieres on HBO tonight. No need to sell it, we all know it's one of the funnier movies ever. But it makes me think back to the argument when the movie came out. Is it exposing how stupid people can be or how nice they can be? Maybe people are just playing along because they don't want to come off as obnoxious to a foreigner? I say that's a ridiculous question. We routinely teach our children to question things. We show how people like Galileo and Martin Luther King are admired for wondering if the conventional wisdom is the correct way, no matter the cost. Face it -- cynicism is a sign of intelligence. We should always be questioning everything around us. To accept anything at face value is to not think. Unabashed, open kindness is the lazy route. So "Borat" is showing us that many Americans are lazy and stupid. Who's going to argue with that? (In any case, as I write this, the "Throw The Jew Down The Well" episode is on. That most certainly wasn't people being so nice.)

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