Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taylor Must Be Stopped

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I might take on the battle to have people watch "Kid Nation", but I know it's hopeless. I'm sure that to many, it just looks like another stupid, staged reality show. And you're right, it is. But it's also very likely the funniest new show on TV if you look at it the right way. My DVR might break from all the times I have to rewind something and watch it 2-3 times. If you're not watching "Kid Nation", you've missed:
      • Lots of crying. Is it funny when a 9-year-old cries? Not usually. Is it funny when a 9-year-old cries because he misses his girlfriend that he's been "going out with since third grade"? Yes.
      • The opportunity to make more Chris Hanson jokes than you've ever made in your life. See, there's this adult host who shows up every so often. And though, practically, we know there are always cameramen and producers around, the show has this one guy with 40 kids. It's just too easy, but the jokes must be made.
      • Last week, a 15-year-old brutally cursed out a large group of younger kids. This week, religious discussion led some kids to proclaim that they were the "Jew Crew" while other kids said that "Christians are better" and later questioned whether Jews prayed. There is a 10-year-old who openly and repeatedly states that she doesn't have to do anything because she is a pageant queen. THERE ARE KIDS WHO USE SHOTS OF WATER AND PUT THEM IN GLASSES OF ROOT BEER TO CREATE NON-ALCOHOLIC JAGER-BOMBS!
      • But nothing at all can compare to the comedy force that is "The Retarded Kid". He's probably not retarded, just really spazzy, but that doesn't diminish his aura of hilarity. Every line he says needs to be re-watched multiple times. Every action is funny on all kinds of different levels. The kid shoots off comedy like Angelina Jolie shoots off pheromones. Watch him or not, you're only hurting yourself by missing out.
    • I got taken to task for not saying what I was reading. I'm not really reading anything -- finding it hard to get into books lately. For the football fans, Michael Silver's columns on Yahoo are pretty strong. He has amazing inside info from players.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • My work computer broke and I have a board meeting tonight, so I can't put a lot of time into this today unfortunately. But I'm still posting.
    • The Gipper gets exhumed. I'll forego the Reagan jokes. Does Notre Dame need the offense that badly?
    • There's a report that Reggie Bush took $280,000 when he was at USC. He's stealing a heck of a lot more than that from the Saints.
  • Daily Rant:
    • How about adjustable speed limits? I got nailed by speed camera outside of a high school a few weeks ago. $40 fine -- not bad. But why does the road have to go from 40 to 25 all the time around a school? Sure, when kids are coming and going in the morning and afternoon, make it whatever you want. But you can't tell me that I need to slow down when school is already in or late or night or any time when there aren't pedestrians around. They've invented digital technology -- why can't they have signs that change at certain times? Look, any kid who's late to school deserves to have to put up with traffic, cars, whatever. We coddle them too much anyway.

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