Monday, October 29, 2007

Excuse Me Sir, Your Nose Smells

Mondays are always a bit tough, since I have class after work. Plus, with my laptop down for the next day or two while we wait for a technician, I can't quite get the formatting right since the bullets don't indent right on any other computer (the tab button just switches between forms, but doesn't on the laptop for whatever reason).

  • Congrats to the Red Sox. They were the best team all year. And with the Yankees less stable than Britney, they'll probably continue next year. I'm pretty happy that I have Matt Holliday and Jonathan Papelbon in the keeper league after this postseason.
  • Another very strong "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I can't wait to get rid of the brothers and sisters. I know how you feel about the Blacks. Almost seems like the rest of the season was a set-up for this one.
  • I'll leave you with this super nerdy poster that a friend shared with me.

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