Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stay-ca... Never Mind

So I'm technically on vacation, though stuck in the DC area, more or less. It's like a vacation where I stay put. If only some totally non-douchebag person could come up with a name for something like that.

Anyways, I enabled something on the blog where it e-mails me when someone makes a comment. It's nice in one way because I've caught a couple of nice comments on past entries. It's weird in another way because it means that I get an e-mail every time some spam gets posted as a comment. By far, the post that has gotten the most hits over time is
"Bush-stravaganza '09!" from June of last year. For whatever reason, one of the bush baby pictures I used must come up early when someone does a Google image search for bush babies. Thanks to those hits (and not because it was a really funny post), there are 33 spam comments on the post. I don't use any kind of validation word or login, because this just isn't that serious.

So that spam makes sense, but I can't explain the post
"Doesn't It Pop?" from November of last year. That post made fun of Sarah Palin a little, talked about Survivor: Samoa a little, and had a clip from Dogma. There are currently 185 spam comments on the post and I get more and more each day. And they're all in a foreign language! I just finally decided to use Babelfish to try and translate one, assuming that it would say that I was awesome. It looks like it may be Japanese and that it says something about wives and pleasure. The translator didn't quite work well, but I think the comments are from 185 different Japanese people, all saying that their wives take much pleasure in reading my posts. I'm big in Japan! Because of that, I will write the rest of this post in Japanese. My American friends can either translate or go on not commenting on anything I write.

私はあなたの国家の妻による私のブログの賞賛によって非常に名誉を与えられる。 それはGodzillaまたは多分原爆のような日本を魅了する私の物の夢いままで常にだった。 その最後の参照を許しなさい、しかし私がビルマレーかScarlett Johanssonを含んでいない日本のアメリカ介入について知っているすべてである。 私はショーンConneryおよびWesleyが狙撃するが、それがLAで起こったことを言う。 従って、任意雑音を楽しみ、あなたの女性にちょっと言い続けなさい。 さようなら。

Update: I fed what Babelfish gave me back in to translate it into English and it made me laugh out loud. It says this: "I can give reputation very by the praise of my [burogu] which is by the wife of your nation. That Godzilla or dream of my ones which fascinate Japan perhaps like the atomic bomb so far was always. Whether permit the last reference, but I the Burmese ray, it is everything which you have known concerning the Japanese American intervention which does not include Scarlett Johansson. I snipe Shaun Connery and Wesley, but it means that happens with LA. Therefore, enjoy optional noise, just a little continue to call to your woman. Way if." It was meant to say this: "I am very honored by the admiration of my blog by the wives of your nation. It has always been a dream of mine to take Japan by storm like Godzilla or perhaps an atomic bomb. Please excuse that last reference, but it is all I know about American involvement in Japan that does not include either Bill Murray or Scarlett Johansson. I would say Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes, but that took place in LA. So, please continue to enjoy Random Babbles and say hey to your ladies. Good bye."


angie said...

Am I the only one who now wants to start making comments on all the old posts?


Anonymous said...

I want to start commenting in Japanese.