Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Funny

Here's why Twitter is so great:

I wasn't feeling the group dinner tonight, so I thought I'd go by myself to the Dodgers game. As I was dropping my crap at the hotel, I checked Twitter and saw Dan Harmon (the creator of Community) tweet about a comedy show tonight in LA with some of the stars of the show. I looked up the location, saw it was right in Hollywood, and decided I'd check it out. Ended up seeing Danny Pudi (Abed), Yvette Brown (Shirley), Jim Rash (the Dean), the guy who plays Starburns (update: it was actually a guy who played campus security on a few episodes), and (the very cute in person) Alison Brie (Annie and also Trudy Campbell in Mad Men) do improv with a bunch of other people I recognized (I'll find the list and put it up later). Freaking hilarious. Stayed for a second show that included a set by the Lampshades, a very funny fake lounge act that includes one of the actresses (Kate Flannery?) from The Office.
After the show, I walked outside and the actors were standing there talking to Andy Dick. What a night. I could never live in LA, but it's pretty fun.

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