Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thanks to a long travel day and misinformation from a put-upon concierge, I decided to eschew Dodger Stadium last night for dinner in Hollywood. Touristy enough that I assumed I'd only see tourists.

At dinner, we noticed people setting up cameras everywhere, but nobody would say for what. After, we decided to stick around and see what they were filming. At one point, I was standing around and turned to see Ron Perlman (Hellboy) standing right next to me and talking on his phone. He was too close to take a picture without being really obnoxious.

Apparently his presence was unrelated to the filming, because we eventually found out (after a crowd had gathered and nobody knew why) they were taping America's Next Top Model. Tyra was not there, but a couple of other judges greeted the crowd and took reaction shots. The actual fashion show involved models on a catwalk three stories above ground level. So, now I'm going to have watch an episode of America's Next Top Model next season. Yay.

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