Monday, August 10, 2009

River Of Dreams

The second straight night of getting back to the room at 1:30, which means the post says I did this at 4:30 AM, which is funny. Saw Penn & Teller; they stick around for handshakes and pictures after the show which is really cool. One good gambling story.

My luck had stunk so far, but I had 45 free minutes and decided to sit a 2-4 limit hold 'em table. Not enough time to recover from a down streak, generally not enough time to piece together any substantial winnings. So my 5th hand in, I'm on the button and looking at Q-Q. Someone raises pre-flop, someone else re-raises, it gets capped. I had to call it all, obviously. Flop comes 10-J-Q rainbow. A guy bets, another guy raises, I have to re-raise with my set. It gets capped. Turn comes A. Now I know someone has the King and my set is screwed. Luckily, it only gets bet once so I don't really have to think about whether to fold. River: J. I made my boat. I cane out blazing and the betting got capped again. 3 people left at that point, but there were 6 people in after the flop. Guy shows A-K, he had flopped the high straight. Sucks to be him, there ended up being over $100 in the pot, $95 of which ended up being my profit. Lucky, but that's why they call it gambling.

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