Friday, August 7, 2009

Clean Up

I realized the list of every movie I rated is a mess and leaves out a lot, because once I thought of a movie that wasn't on my original list and then deemed that movie wasn't a top 100, I just disregarded it. Here are my next 100 though. The closest movie from this year was The Hangover at #138. I'm sure there are some I'm leaving out here, but I don't care too much since I focused on the list I actually published. A couple of movies I'd like to point out from that next 100, just because they may be a bit underrated or obscure (but obviously I think them very worthy): #124 Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro's beautiful, beautiful fairy tale about a girl in fascist Spain), #144 Walk On Water (an Israeli film in Hebrew, German, and English about the way the Holocaust hangs over both modern Jews and Germans), and #185 Series 7: The Contenders (a low-budget satire about reality TV that makes its point much more effectively than The Running Man did). #201 was the original Night of the Living Dead.

I talked about how Superman has my favorite opening and I talked about the shark as menace in Jaws and in doing so I completely neglected John Williams' role in those and many other movies. Beyond just the two mentioned above, his scores of Star Wars and E.T. are not insignificant parts of the movies' power.

If anyone who reads this and hasn't seen any of the movies wants to get together to watch them (or re-watch ones they have seen), I'm down. I could watch any of these any time.

It probably took me two or three hours (pieced together over a few days) to come up with the top 100, but somewhere between one-and-a-half and three hours to do each night's post. Writing the right blurb and finding the right videos from the right sites takes some time. In other words, I'm not doing a list like this again for a while. Trying to think of what the next might be, though. TV shows? Books? I wouldn't be able to do albums or songs justice. Cities I've visited? My all-time favorite baseball players or athletes? We'll see.

Leaving tomorrow afternoon for five days in Las Vegas. Gambling stories to come.

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