Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hooray For Hollywood

There are a number of movies that come out this weekend that I want to see. My wife took me to one this afternoon that she wanted to see, The Time Traveller's Wife. It's actually enjoyable, with an interesting plot and no real glaring negatives. It's shot beautifully with a nice use of color and the main actors, Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, are both very capable and very likable. Not the kind of movie you have to see in theaters, but it would make for a nice date night DVD rental down the road.

Since we didn't lose our shirts in Vegas, we might actually go see the two others tomorrow, District 9 and The Goods. As for The Goods, I've promised some photos from the red carpet at its premiere, so here you go. A lot of them have already been on Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Daily Show's Rob Riggle

Anchorman's Champ Kind, David Koechner

The Hangover's Ken Jeong

The blurry (he was actually blurry in real life) and perpetually unfunny Dane Cook

Jason Seaver himself, Alan Thicke

I don't watch My Boys on TBS, but this is Jordana Spiro from it

I didn't watch Girls Next Door either, but I know Holly Madison from The Soup

Don't get too close! Kid Rock has whatever Pamela Anderson does.

I like to think of Will Ferrell as being from Anchorman, not A Night At The Roxbury
We also saw Jeremy Piven (the picture isn't as good) and actually met Penn and Teller after their show (you'll have to go to Facebook for those since those pictures actually have my wife and me in them).

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