Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blind Homerism

I try not to be a blind homer when it comes to my teams. It only sets you up for disappointment. So, as I watched the Ravens beat the Jets tonight -- the Ravens' 1st team destroyed the Jets' 1st team -- I had to question my optimism. They shut out the Redskins last week and ran up 500 yards of offense. This week, the defense scored twice and Flacco threw for 125 yards in his quarter of play. They were in the AFC Championship last year, it's not like they don't have the pedigree. But, are they legit Super Bowl contenders? We'll see, but it's hard not to get really, really excited at this point.

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Roy said...

Dude, it is just preseason, but what matters in preseason is your regulars getting into a rhythm, and that's exactly what the Ravens have going on right now. I'm a homer too, but the lines, O and D, look damn good right now, and Flacco really does seem super relaxed and comfortable back there. If the defense can look this good without Suggs, how good are they going to look with him?