Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're Not Going To Guam, Are We?

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • It's going to take a lot of evil to make someone the biggest villain in Survivor history, but there is no doubt that Coach is the biggest douchebag. Did you see him with his jacket over his shoulder as he went to vote? Ick. I'm thinking Brendan is an obvious favorite right now, but you have to think the J.T./Stephen duo could be formidable.
    • Earl. Danny Glover. "I'm getting too old for this crap." Awesome.
    • We've added two new shows to the repertoire (via DVD): How I Met Your Mother and Battlestar Galactica (I know I'm really late to the party on that one). More thoughts on them down the road.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • Four days in to a twelve-day work week. Tiring.
  • Lost Comments/Questions For The Week:
    • The questions on this one are pretty obvious... Who built the Lamp-Post in the first place (and could there be any more C.S. Lewis references on the show this season)? Did Desmond beat up Ben and did Ben succeed in killing Penny? Where's Aaron? Did anyone else get to the island? Who was the random guy sitting in first class? How did Hurley get out? How did Sayid get arrested?
    • But this week was all about the cool stuff having to do with Ajira Flight 316.
    • Lapidus flying the plane like he was supposed to do for Oceanic 815.
    • Hurley carrying the guitar like Charlie did.
    • Sayid in handcuffs like Claire Kate was.
    • Locke in a coffin like Christian was.
    • Jack with a letter like Sawyer had.
    • Ben almost missing the plane like Hurley did.
    • And... Kate pregnant like Claire was? I bet so.


Marissa said...

Wait - confused. Claire wasn't in handcuffs on the original flight - wasn't that Kate?

Josh said...

You're right, typo. Thanks.

Seth said...

I got all the other ones but good call on Jack with the letter, I didn't think of that.

Steve said...

How I Met your Mother is a GREAT show. Watch it from the beginning. A bunch of jokes come back in later seasons. Suit up!!