Sunday, February 8, 2009

Simon Says, "Die!"

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • The answer is probably yes, but is there a movie with dumber character names than Demolition Man? Simon Phoenix is out to kill Edgar Friendly and John Spartan needs to stop him. Oh, and Sandra Bullock plays Lenina Huxley.
    • And yes, that means I was watching Demolition Man, so who's the idiot now?
    • I think I'm going to get into podcasts. Listened to the Lindeloff/Cuse one yesterday, which is great. Sounds like a lot of stuff coming up in Wednesday's episode.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • I finally have a day to just chill tomorrow. Bought Wall-E today, so I'll have a chance to watch it. Most likely that will lead to a post about the movie and its relation to the Jewish holiday that starts Sunday night.
    • I know I should say something about A-Rod, but I really just have nothing to say. What can anyone say at this point?
  • Random Monkey Music Video:
    • There are an awful lot of songs with the word "monkey" in the title.

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MJP said...

See, Steve told you so...