Friday, February 20, 2009

Pop Culture Reset

Figured I would take a quiet Friday night to reset where I am (as of right now, so for instance no Dexter or Entourage) on various TV/DVD/reading stuff.

  • Regular TV Schedule:
    • Sunday:
      • The Amazing Race (CBS, 8PM) -- Watch it on the same night because people talk about it
      • Big Love (HBO, 9PM) -- Strong season, so usually watching it live; can watch on DVR or On Demand though
      • United States of Tara (SHO, 10PM) -- Good acting, pretty funny; often watch it on On Demand before the show actually airs
      • Flight of the Conchords (HBO, 10PM) -- So freaking good, too good to wait on
      • Eastbound & Down (HBO, 10:30PM) -- Only premiered last week, but it's funny as hell
    • Monday:
      • House (Fox, 8PM) -- Second best show on network TV
      • Heroes (NBC, 9PM) -- This gets watched second after House
      • 24 (Fox, 9PM) -- This gets watched last because nothing can top the excitement outside of maybe Lost
    • Tuesday:
      • American Idol (Fox, 8PM) -- Obviously have to watch it that night
      • 90210 (CW, 8PM) -- Usually DVR the Wednesday rerun or watch it on the CW's website (since my wife also DVRs Biggest Loser on Tuesdays)
    • Wednesday:
      • American Idol (Fox, 8PM) -- For no other show is a DVR more necessary (we usually watch the hour results show in around fifteen minutes)
      • Lost (ABC, 9PM) -- Watch it that night because of heavy discussion the next day; use the DVR so we can watch things again or freeze-frame
    • Thursday:
      • My Name Is Earl (NBC, 8PM) -- The only current network sitcom I've watched from when it started; may DVR depending on time and disposition
      • Survivor (CBS, 8PM) -- My favorite show on TV; always watch it the same night
      • C.S.I.: (CBS, 9PM) -- It's great but there's no time crunch on it; DVR it and currently two or three weeks behind
      • Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 9PM) -- Usually watch it the same night
    • Friday:
      • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox, 8PM) -- I enjoy it, but I can build up a few weeks on the DVR
      • The Soup (E!, 10PM) -- Must-see ASAP, the funniest single show on TV
    • Saturday: Nothing
  • TV Catch-up:
    • Mad Men (DVD/ other questionable means) -- Finished the first season and waiting to start the second; absolutely brilliant
    • Battlestar Galactica (DVD) -- Heard a lot of great stuff and, even though I'm only through part one of the miniseries, I'm enjoying it
    • How I Met Your Mother (DVD) -- I'm not a big fan of sitcoms that are filmed in studios and/or have laugh tracks, so I'm disposed to not love this, but NPH is hilarious; I didn't really like the first couple of episodes but it's really grown on me (I mean, Jason Segel is in the cast and Samm Levine and Martin Starr have guested so far)
    • Family Guy (Hulu) -- Watch new episodes whenever I have twenty minutes and feel like it
  • Reading:
    • Currently reading the collection of Douglas Adams' books. I think I read Hitchhiker's Guide a long time ago, but I've never read all of them.
    •'s weekly Dueling Analysis on Lost and transcripts of their weekly Lost chat, also's weekly Lost and American Idol recaps
  • Netflix Queue
    • Currently have at home: Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Changeling, and W.


Steve said...

We just saw Changeling last night. I didn't think I was going to like it but I was pretty quickly hooked. I loved it. I am certainly not a big fan of Angelina Jolie but I thought she was great and totally deserved the Oscar nomination.

Anonymous said...

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