Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rise And Shine

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • As always, my Lost thoughts below. A rare morning post because the DVR wasn't set last night, so I had to wait until this morning to watch Lost.
    • The group night is always the best American Idol episode of the season because of the interpersonal drama and the potential for awful performances. I could talk about Danny and Jamar or Katrina, but the big surprising thing was the Osmond kid getting booted. And they didn't show a second of his performance? Was he so bad that they were protecting him?
    • The United States of Tara is a pretty funny, if weird, show. They had Nate Corddry doing a play on 9/11 similar to the one done on Curb a few years ago.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • SCHIP. Awesome.
  • Lost Comments/Questions For The Week:
    • The episode confirmed a lot of things we guessed at, but it ended with a HUGE bombshell.
    • So Norton was Ben's lawyer, hired to scare Kate into wanting to go back. Based on that, I'm going to assume that Ben also sent the people after Sayid to do the same.
    • It looks like Miles may be the baby from the opening of the season after all, since Daniel's pretty sure that Miles has been on the island before.
    • Sayid was out for forty-two hours. Ms. Hawking told Ben that they had seventy hours to get back to the island. So they only have twenty-eight left.
    • I think it may be a fair guess that there's a Quantum Leap aspect to the time travel, where they are going back to times that are important for some reason. Daniel tells the Others what to do with the bomb. Locke sees the drug plane crash. If we believe that, then there must be something important about Aaron since they were taken to his birth.
    • The canoes had bottles of water from Ajira Airlways. This website popped up over the summer. Looks like Ajira may factor into the Oceanic Six getting back to the island. If so, was that them in the canoe chasing Sawyer and company? But, if so, aren't we assuming that the Oceanic Six are the great Constant and therefore the time jumping should stop?
    • And Jin is alive, which isn't all that surprising.
    • Which leaves the ending. A boat crashes and the French survivors take a raft to the island. I'm sure everyone pretty much knew immediately what that meant and they didn't drag it out as the young pregnant woman revealed herself to be Rousseau. But... They were dressed in such modern clothing and their raft was pretty modern. We know that Rousseau had been on the island for around sixteen years before 815 crashed. But those clothes, with the hoodies, were not 1988 clothes. So did Rousseau jump through time? She said that all of her companions died of "the sickness". Is "the sickness" the nosebleed, headache, etc. from time travel? If so, why didn't Rousseau get it? And if she did jump back in time, why did she stop jumping? I feel like the Swan station with the computer and the numbers has something to do with that.


l said...

I'm not going to lie, I felt like a total idiot for calling Jin being on the board and NOT calling Rousseau. How did my mind not jump directly to the French?
Also, since bikini girl is now gone, I'm directly all my Idol hate onto Tatiana. Care to join?

Josh said...

I'm with you -- how in hell did Tatiana actually get through?!? She's absolutely insane. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up buring the Kodak Theater down.

Josh said...

Or burning it down, even.