Thursday, September 16, 2010

You Know The Deal: 39 Days, 20 People, 1 Something Or Other

Usually within the first 10 minutes of any Survivor season, I'll latch onto a contestant as the favorite and that person usually goes very deep into the game. Last night, as Survivor's 21st iteration premiered, I found not one person I could get behind. The tribes are a collection of mainly either stupid or extremely annoying people, often both. Like the guy who managed to injure himself twice quickly by stepping on a stick and then trying to pick up a crab, but everyone high-fives about it so it was all cool.

So, this is not to to say that the show wasn't entertaining. The problem in settling in is two-fold. One, Jimmy Johnson dominates the camera time (for good reason) and we all know he has no chance. Second, and more important, we're coming off of the best season in show history and two straight iterations that featured the most interesting player in show history. It'll take some time to adjust to a Russell-less game, but the format is the star of the show and it'll be great by the end, as it almost always is.

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