Sunday, September 19, 2010


Didn't do much yesterday besides watch football (i.e., no Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire yet). Here's what I saw:
  • With the exception of maybe Green Bay, nobody is as good or bad as they looked in Week 1. In fact, teams flip-flopped so much that I don't know what to think.
  • The Steelers D has led them to be one of two good teams in the AFC (with the Dolphins, still not totally sold on Houston or Kansas City) to be 2-0, but their offense is horrible right now.
  • Speaking of horrible offenses, the Ravens were pathetic, so shockingly bad on offense that I don't even know what happened. Hard to believe that will continue.
  • The Chargers looked weak last week and then unbeatable yesterday. Ditto the Colts, who iced that Giants game in approximately the third minute.
  • The Jets played poorly last week and the Patriots looked great. They switched places yesterday.
  • The aforementioned Dolphins are probably for real, but who knows since Favre has looked less than competent so far in this young season.
  • I'm not sold on Houston because they had no guts in that lucky win yesterday. Punt from the 34 in overtime?
  • I'm focusing on the AFC because, other than Green Bay and probably New Orleans, the entire NFC seems to stink. How could anyone believe in the Bears when they are a Calvin Johnson brain fart away from being 1-1? The Cowboys, who many people thought were so great, are coached by Wade Phillips. The Eagles looked fantastic offensively, but it was against Detroit and they still almost choked the game away. The NFC stinks.
  • Next week's schedule is rough, with at best five good games. The best game of the week is the Sunday night game, Jets-Dolphins. Other than that and Falcons-Saints, you have to look at the iffy Cowboys-Texans, Titans-Giants, or Packers-Bears for entertainment.

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