Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Omar Coming, Y'all

  • The Monologue:
    • David Hasselhoff was the first person booted from Dancing with the Stars. He will fare much better when he finally goes on Tanzen mit den Sternen.
    • On the Today show, Jimmy Carter said he was a superior president. He later said that he was very lucky to have his appearance coincide with National Opposite Day.
    • A girl who messed up her privacy setting received 21,000 replies to her 15th birthday party. The first one came from Chris Hansen, who plans to pitch a 72-hour-long episode of To Catch a Predator to NBC.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • My Name is Earl was one of my favorite sitcoms of the last number of years and while I was hesitant about creator Greg Garcia's Raising Hope (I said the other day that I would rather watch an ant crawl back and forth on a piece of grass than watch it), I finally gave in last night after reading a number of decent reviews. I lasted ten minutes before giving up.
    • Finally caught Boardwalk Empire. It is visually gorgeous, but the pilot was about as slow as people said. I've heard it gets quicker and I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Good acting, decent amount of gang violence, and Michael Kenneth Williams was only in it for half a second. It's like they showed him just to tease everyone into watching more.
    • Fox's Lone Star was said to be the best network pilot of the year (so far, FX's Terriers is my favorite new show of the young season) and I DVR-ed it and planned to watch it yesterday. Until I heard that it pulled a 1.3 rating that actually dropped at the half hour mark? I don't care how good it is; I don't feel like putting any time into something that is going to be cancelled before you can say "Flash Forward."
  • Random Video:
    • Liam Gallagher turns 38 today.

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Betsy said...

I saw Boardwalk Empire and thought it was really good. Didn't mean to stay through the whole thing when I was dropping the dog at my brother's house but I couldn't stop watching. This is at least partially my chick-weakness for period pieces, but still, it was good!