Thursday, September 2, 2010


Everyone's gone crazy today because of the date that only happens once every century -- September 2, XX10. I've read a bunch of blogs about Beverly Hills, 90210 nostalgia and I have Bill Simmons' two-part podcast on my phone, but I'll go one step farther than all the others I've seen and not ignore the new 90210. It's cheesy and unbelievable, but so was the original. Maybe Kelly Taylor is an upstanding guidance counselor now instead of a vengeful rape victim/coke addict, but the last season finale ended with a teacher raping a student while another teacher drove drunk right outside the window. How good is that? So we'll go with our top 5 favorite characters and some moments, but we're spreading the love around.

Top 5 Favorite 90210 Characters:
  • 5. Noah -- He was a douchebag and I like that.
  • 4. Liam -- Played with just the right amount of angst and faux cool indifference. The Annie-Ethan-Naomi love triangle from the first season was good, but the show really took off when Liam joined.
  • 3. Silver -- She went from hosting a slanderous video blog that went after Naomi to making some sort of freaky pornographic art film about Dixon and showing it in an actual theater. Plus, she's going out with Teddy and, spoiler alert, that is about to go in a very unexpected direction.
  • 2. Valerie -- You're going to bring on Kelly Kapowski and have her be evil and do drugs and screw everyone over? A big reason why I enjoyed the college years more than the high school ones.
  • 1. Brandon -- Obviously.

Random Great 90210 Moments:
  • Adrianna's Band Sucks:

  • Joe E. Tata In The Credits?:
  • Annie Kills A Guy:
  • Donna Martin Graduates:

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