Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Can't Believe Javier Is Dead

  • NFL Week 1:
    • Some quick thoughts on what I saw of the first week of the season.
    • There are three teams that I think showed even this early that they are to be reckoned with: Tennessee, New England, and Baltimore. Vince Young's consistency is at question, but he and the rest of the Titans were great and they beat a Raiders team that people thought might be a little better than usual, at least. Wes Welker is somehow all the way back and New England just wiped the floor with what should be at least an okay Bengals team. There's no way that last year's Ravens win that Jets game. This year's version didn't make the stupid penalties that last year's did and the presence of Boldin and Houshmandzadeh was the difference as the Ravens dominated on third down. I am really excited about what that offense is going to look like when they aren't playing the Jets D.
    • Otherwise, there's reason to doubt every other victory in some way. Houston was probably the next most impressive, but they were close to the Colts last year and they have focused specifically on that game for a long time. Seattle won big, but it's the NFC West. Kansas City looked young, quick, and exciting, but there was emotion there in the first game and nobody knows how good the Chargers actually are. The Packers won a tough road game, but barely against a team that may not be very good and their offensive line looked no better than last year.
    • Should I update my Super Bowl pick each week? Right now, it's New Orleans vs. Baltimore.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Any episode of Mad Men would be a letdown after last week's barn-burner, but this week's was especially weird with the film noir style, complete with voice-over. The show has gotten more adult this year in general, but this episode seemed to be especially so. I looked it up and Christina Hendricks is 5'7" and Elizabeth Moss is 5'3". So, there is a height difference, but not as much as the camera exaggerated it to be in the scene where Joan tries to put Peggy in her place.
    • If last week's Mad Men was one of the best episodes in at least recent memory, the season premiere of 90210 was one of the most awesomely bad. Let's see. Annie conveniently got past her house arrest and guilt over killing a guy. Teddy blew his knee out and seemingly began to go gay overnight. Naomi was just about over her rape until the teacher showed back up. Nothing happened to Matthews for driving drunk into the school's sign. Liam got over his summer-long anger with Annie in approximately thirty seconds. The "best" was definitely the death of Javier and how quickly Adrianna dealt with it. I expect ridiculousness out of this show, but this may have even been pushing it.
    • I'll continue to sing the praises of Sons of Anarchy, which is as good this year as last, a huge compliment. It amuses me, apropos of Sons, how what we learn from some shows informs our understanding of others. At one point in tonight's episode, the fugitive Gemma gets a call on her cell and makes sure that Tara is using one of Jax's pre-paids. Well, of course. We all know how hard it is to get a wire up on a burner.
    • Tomorrow is the second episode of FX's Terriers, which is pretty good. I like Donal Logue an awful lot, but it's still funnier than I expected it to be. It's a buddy cop show about two small-time private investigators trying to unravel a big crime.
  • Random Video:
    • For the record, this is the most awesomely bad TV moment in recent memory.

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