Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Pop Culture

Beginning to catch up from a few days away:
  • I should have known that even though they carry no real news, USA Today would have prominent American Idol recaps. No matter, not that excited to catch up with it anyway, so we'll start anew next week with the two worst (Tim Urban is really just in a whole other universe for some reason) gone.
  • No reason to change my Lost theory after watching this week's. If anything, it confirmed my part about the flash sideways and how it has to end because the relationships from the island are what's real. Interesting how, at the end, sideways Desmond didn't recognize Ben at all. It would make sense, though. Sideways Desmond seems to be the Jacob of that world, going from person to person and maneuvering/manipulating them into the right places. Maybe Locke was trying to kill island Desmond by throwing him down the well, but I wonder... Does Locke know what trouble Desmond could possibly get into with what we know is underground there?
  • Apparently they only had seventeen hours worth of story for 24 this season, so they used hour eighteen to revamp a whole new mini-season. All the story lines resolved for the negative except for Jack and Renee, the writers contrived a way for Chloe to take charge, Logan to come back into the picture, and Jack to get desperate and homicidal. It felt like the season premiere from a few years ago when they killed off Palmer and Michelle (and sort of Tony) to make a whole new story.
  • I don't think what JT did on Survivor tonight was the stupidest move in the history of the show. It was stupid, no doubt. He doesn't know what Russell is all about because nobody had seen Samoa, but he still should have recognized that Russell is a villain for a reason. Still though, it's not like JT has been voted out yet. I'll take James going home with two immunity idols or, even more, Eric giving the idol to Natalie. Both directly resulted in the person getting booted. It certainly seems like Parvati's season to lose right now, huh?
  • Got the Netflix streaming disk for Wii. Love it. Now I can watch Season 1 of 21 Jumpstreet on my TV whenever I want. Damn, the pilot episode of that show is cheesy. Gloriously so.

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