Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The quality of tonight's championship game and the tournament as a whole goes without saying, so I'll just say this one thing. I'll say it once. Never again. It strikes me that Duke is the least respected champion in recent memory. They played a great tournament and won it all, but every announcer was talking about how great Butler was. I believe Gumbel or Nantz even said that they were champions, even if the points weren't in their favor. Butler was incredible and, if they had won, would have been maybe the biggest story in the history of the NCAA tournament. But Duke won and they deserve the credit.


Anonymous said...

Butler missed a lot of easy lay-ins and a lot of free throws, so I have to say they have no one to blame but themselves. They didn't get outplayed, but they didn't execute well enough to win.

I may hate him, but Coach K is the best tournament coach of this era.


Josh said...

What about Izzo? Tough, though Coach K does 4 titles to Izzo's 1.

Anonymous said...

Izzo is also a great tournament coach, but yeah, there is the title disparity. Duke is always well prepared, and never seems to lose a head-scratcher.

I did sleep on Izzo a little bit, though.


angie said...

Well, if you take into account the fact that Coach K has been a head coach for more than twice as long as Izzo, Izzo is only 1 title behind! :-)