Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Idol Chatter

Shania Twain week. Yay. Here we go:
  • Lee DeWyze, singing "You're Still the One": This is the only song tonight that I know. So excited. I almost just didn't watch, but where am I going to get my fix of off-key performances. Take this one. Please. Boring and out of tune. Really boring. Did you ever wonder what it would sound like if the Fray covered a Shania song? I'm going to assume you said no.
  • Michael Lynche, singing "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing": Relative to this season, this was a nice performance. I think it's the best he's sounded in a while. Can't wait to hear him do this as the love song when he and Kel team up for Good Burger 2: Electric Burger-loo.
  • Casey James, singing "Don't!": The vibrato is still really bad and I'm pretty sure that Casey is the worst one left. Boring and a little nasal. And it still sounds like he's sitting on a vibrating stool.
  • Crystal Bowersox, singing "No One Needs to Know": For the record, I'm fast-forwarding through everything but the songs and the judges' comments. This really isn't my kind of music. Crystal's great, but tonight she was great at singing music I hate, so there you go.
  • Aaron Kelly, singing "You've Got a Way": AK-4'7" was so phonily sincere tonight that I thought one of those Christian music infomercials was about to break out. To be fair, I did close my eyes and stick my hands in the air, but it was by way of saying, "Please! No more! Let this episode end!"
  • Siobhan Magnus, singing "Any Man of Mine": Maybe I've heard this song once, but I still don't like it at all. For the most part, Siobhan was the best she's been in weeks, which is not saying much. The slow ending didn't fit with the rest of the up-tempo song, but it was an ending, and I'm at least thankful for that.


Steve said...

As someone who knows most if not all of these songs, I'd have to disagree with you on most of the comments. This week was just terrible and painful to listen to. Siobhan was way behind on the tempo. Crystal was just boring. Lee was uninspiring. Coming in to the week, I figured this was Casey's week to shine since he has a bluesy style to his performing. I was underwhelmed. Aaron Kelly zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Big Mike has regressed every week.

angie said...

I'm sad to have missed Shania week...at least, in theory. From everything I've read it was not a great week for performances. I would say it's not the fault of the music though. Some of the contestants should have been able to do SOMETHING with some of her songs.