Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Idol Chatter (And, Finally, My Lost Theory)

I am really excited to talk about tonight's Lost, but first... Blah:
  • Aaron Kelly, singing "The Long and Winding Road": Can't stand him. He's less like Yoda and more like Jar-Jar. I had to look up from typing to see if he was lip-synching because he sounded so much like McCartney at the very beginning. For a second, but then he got pitchy. Considering the theme tonight, all of these songs are going to be great, but this one was maybe a little slow to kick off the night. Looks like a number of the contestants are going to be doing slower Beatles songs tonight, which feels like a mistake.
  • Katie Stevens, singing "Let It Be": See above. Mistake, especially considering the judges just knocked Aaron for the same reasons I did.
  • Andrew Garcia, singing "Can't Buy Me Love": He put a "cool twist" on it. Uh oh. Why did he even play the guitar when you couldn't hear it and it wasn't a key part of the arrangement? Security blanket? Nice arrangement, but he doesn't have the voice to pull that off. Bad.
  • Michael Lynche, singing "Eleanor Rigby": He was in a family music group, an African-American family music group, called "The Lynche Mob"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh my... Fine version. Again, even super hyper Kara said it at one point, that everyone will love the songs tonight because they are such great songs. I just can't get over that initial revelation during the video piece.
  • Crystal Bowersox, singing "Come Together": Didgeridoo? She's on a different level from everyone else.
  • Tim Urban, singing "All My Loving": Oh, good. Now, he's added cockiness to his bad voice with the nodding while he was singing. Again, he stinks but the song is great. He did manage to make it fairly boring. Can you tell that I really just don't care about tonight's episode? Lost was so freaking good. Also, Urban should have gone home weeks ago, but he keeps hanging around. So Andrew or Katie is probably out.
  • Casey James, singing "Jealous Guy": The only non-Beatles song of the night (it's off of Imagine). Dude can play guitar, but that vibrato... I think he was going for an Eddie Vedder type of vibe, but that vibrato gives me a headache. It's like if Goat Boy sang a John Lennon song.
  • Siobhan Magnus, singing "Across the Universe": This sucks. Her voice is barely balancing on the edge of pitchy and the arrangement is boring. I'm totally about to fall asleep and miss Lee's performance. I really loved Siobhan a few weeks ago.
  • Lee DeWyze, singing "Hey Jude": Seemed like he was struggling with his voice. A lot more pitch problems than he usually has. Again, another song that you can only but screw up so much as long as you don't try some wacked-out Blake Lewis or Adam Lambert version. The bagpipe? What the what?

Okay, are we done with that?

Lost Comments/Questions:

  • That was an incredible episode, a companion piece to the two great Desmond episodes, "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant." Those two episodes moved the show towards the time travel story and then explained it to some extent. Besides Des and Penny, two of the most important characters in those two episodes were Eloise Hawking and Daniel Faraday, so I know that when both of them showed up tonight in the flash sideways, we'd be getting into the meat of what that timeline/ story line is really all about. Sure enough, with what Dan told Desmond tonight, the light bulb went on for me. I could easily be completely wrong, but I've finally put together my first reasoned theory for what the hell is happening on this show. Here we go:
  • My theory: Destiny exists in the form of people that we are meant to be with. Eloise had Daniel study physics (eventually coming up with the Jughead plan) to break the cycle of killing him. But, when Jughead worked and it created the flash sideways it also meant that the people's lives went in different directions so most never met their destined love. They were making decisions that gave them what seems like, for the most part, a happy ending compared to the lives we've been used to, but they're missing that one person. Charlie and Claire didn't meet because the plane didn't crash. Ditto Daniel and Charlotte because there was no need for Widmore to send the team. Sayid's not with Nadia and didn't meet Shannon. Des isn't with Penny. Hurley never met Libby (so far as we know to this point). Sawyer isn't with Juliet (or Kate, for that matter). So, something's not right with them. It's why Jack and Kate looked at each other so weirdly in the season premiere.
  • There are two sides to the story now, especially since we can throw out any theory that the sideways world is the epilogue to the series. In the flash sideways, Desmond needs to set the world right by making sure the Oceanic 815 passengers find their destinies/ true loves. Maybe because this is the one thing missing. Maybe because they'll see that the sideways world isn't right and that split side of the timeline will go away. Sort of like when they focus on their Constant (though slightly different, since Daniel focused on Charlotte here but Desmond was his Constant). On the island, Des needs to stop Locke from escaping because Locke represents anti-destiny. Locke is the id that lets people make whatever choice they want, not necessarily what's right for their destiny or long-term best interest. The island traps Locke to make sure that destiny wins out.
  • If this is the case, my question is: Which candidate will sacrifice their destiny to be the one to watch Locke? I say Jack gives up Kate. Hurley is also a reasonable choice. Even Sawyer makes some sense, since he could give up Kate to Jack, having lost Juliet.
  • Again, I could be wrong with still a number of episodes to go, but this feels right to me right now.

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