Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Some of the best, off the top of my head, of MTV's Unplugged:

To be sure, Layne Staley looks unwell here:

More Nirvana -- I think my favorite version of this song is actually the speedy punk version from Incesticide (my favorite Nirvana album, for the record):

Alanis doing a Police cover:

Pearl Jam's most underrated song. I will accept no arguments on this:

Oasis, I believe minus Liam, so, um, Noel Gallagher with a horn section behind him:

And MTV has pulled all of the video from Jay-Z's great Unplugged set with The Roots, so... Here is what the kids are listening to on Unplugged nowadays. These are just artists I've heard of, because who the hell are The Script and Phoenix? I can't believe I'm actually posting these (except I like the Paramore song and Katy Perry is awesome and I voted for Adam Lambert on Idol, so who knows).


Anonymous said...

The LL Cool J show was always one of my favorites, and I did by the tape of the Paul McCartney Unplugged.

Phoenix is worth listening to. Certainly more than Paramore, Katy Perry, and Adam Lambert.


Josh said...

I've been miserably behind on new music lately. I seriously don't know anything except that Eminem put out a new album. I'll check out Phoenix, thanks.

Betsy said...

I like Phoenix. You have heard one of their songs on a car commercial already, Cadillac I think.