Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stand Out In The Crowd

  • The Monologue:
    • There is actually nothing funny going on right now. Even the Jet Blue guy was funny for like two seconds, but now it's overdone.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I love that Rex Ryan is not censoring himself for Hard Knocks. He's a funny guy. Still, gotta hate the Jets a bit. They talk an awful lot for a team that hasn't won anything. I hope the Jets fans feel good about their GM depressed about how their best player doesn't seem to want to play for the team, Joe Namath lamenting the bad fundamentals of their QB, Braylon Edwards talking trash about how good his hands are, and the mere existence of LaDainian Tomlinson on the team.
    • I watched Green Zone tonight and while it's fundamentally a good movie with Matt Damon doing his thing, I didn't enjoy it that much. There are too many movies about the Iraq War and since the best one, The Hurt Locker, has already been made, there doesn't seem to be much use for any others.
    • I neglected to mention The Other Guys, which I saw over the weekend. It's very funny. It's not as non-stop with the laughter all the way through like The Hangover or Anchorman, but it's nearly as funny as Talladega Nights. Part of the pace issue comes because the first twenty minutes of the film are so funny that the next bit feels slow. It's amazing that Will Ferrell can be so unfunny in so many movies, but great when Adam McKay is directing him.
  • Random Video:
    • 41 years ago today at The Daisy in Beverly Hills, Diana Ross introduced the new Motown label-mates that she had been instrumental in signing. I guess they were an okay group and I guess this song is sort of good.

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Anonymous said...

That's it! It's not that I'm feeling humorless and dour -- it's that the world has lost it's funny. Kind of a relief, knowing it's not my fault...!