Thursday, August 26, 2010


My post from November 13, 2009, now has 228 comments, 226 of which are in Japanese. I continue to try to reach out to those commenters. You can translate (I can't promise it will re-translate coherently, though it may be fun to guess my original meaning) by pasting the text in here.
  • 独白:
    • ブリストルPalinは星と踊ることにある。 私達はPalinがSituation'のサラを持っていることの夢に近い方の1つのステップである; sの義母。
    • Glennの小川は土曜日の彼の主に白く、狂気の聴衆、"の記念日のための再結集を保持する; 私にDream"がある; リンカーンの記念物のスピーチ。 強打が値されたら…
    • 今日はwomen'を保証した第19修正の第90記念日である; s選挙権。 憲法は企画者が意図したようになかったり、お茶会を言わない!
  • 任意大衆文化:
    • 無秩序の息子は例外的である。 私はそれについての大きい事を聞いたが、計算されてバイカーの一団についてのショー私の速度は。 それはTVのベストとして最も重大絶賛される6のグループで完全に示す属する: 無秩序の息子、悪い状態、デキスター、家、およびTremeを壊している気違いの人。
    • 私はずっと夜遅くの看護の間にTVをそんなに見ている。 Netflixは新しい親に予約購読を押すために人々に産科病棟で時を過ごしてもらうべきである。
  • 任意ビデオ:
    • 台紙富士のための上昇の季節の終わりに印を付ける現時点で毎年祝祭がある。 1年の今日からの性能はこの祝祭前ににここにある。


Anonymous said...

Here is the translation I got:

"* Monolog: As for o Bristol Palin the star there are times when it dances. As for us Palin Situation' It is one step of the one which is close to the dream of the thing which has the plate; The mother-in-law of s. The Ogawa of o Glenn Saturday that to be white mainly, the audience of insanity, " Re-concentration for commemoration day is kept; In me Dream" It is; Speech of Lincoln's monument. When hard blow is worthy of… o today women' It is 90th commemoration day of 19th correction which is guaranteed; s election right. The constitution as the plan person intends, it is not, is not tea meeting! * Optional popular culture: The o disordered son is exceptional. I concerning that inquired about large thing, but being calculated, as for show my speed concerning one group of the bi- car. As for that it shows completely in the group of 6 where it is most seriously extolled TV as best, it belongs: The disordered son, bad state and [dekisuta], the person of the lunatic which breaks house, and Treme. o I look at TV directly so during nursing the night late. Netflix in order to push subscription in the new parent in the people should have passing the time in the maternity ward. * Optional video: Every year there is a celebration festival at the present time which acquires sign Fuji to end of season of rise because of the o mount. As for efficiency from today of 1 years before this celebration festival there is here."

Josh, you're saying what we're all thinking.


Josh said...

What can I say: I'm pretty much goofy tired all the time. My favorite part is "The disordered son, bad state and [dekisuta], the person of the lunatic which breaks house, and Treme." It was a list of the 6 most critically-acclaimed dramas on TV. 'Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Mad Men, House, Treme.

Roy said...

Google Translate did a little better

"# Monologue:

* Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars is located. We have Palin Situation 'is one step closer to having a dream Sarah; s mother in law.
* Glenn Brooks is mostly white, in his Saturday audiences of madness, "to hold a rally for the anniversary; I Dream" is; Lincoln Memorial speech. When the spikes ...
* Today, women 'is the 90th anniversary of the 19 guaranteed fix; s right to vote. With no constitution as intended by the plan, say a tea party!

# Any popular culture:

* The disorder is an exceptional son. I have heard great things about it and show my speed on the biker gangs have been calculated. It is totally a TV show in groups of six species that are most critical acclaim as the best: son of anarchy, bad, Dexter, House, and mad people are breaking the Treme.
* I have been during the late night nurse watching so much TV. Netflix is the maternity ward they deserve to spend time with people who subscribe to press the new parent.

# Optional Video:

* Currently there are festivals every year to mark the end of the season for Mount Fuji to increase. Performance today is one year before this festival here. "