Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Only Thing

  • The Monologue:
    • What a boring, uneventful week off. On the bright side, I'm now one-eighth of the way to being Antonio Cromartie.
    • Ahmedinejad calls Iran's new bomber drone an "ambassador of death." He's crazy, but that's bad-ass. Even if he ripped it off of some Stallone movie about diplomats.
    • Lady Gaga now has more Twitter followers than Britney Spears. Oil spill what? Afghanistan war who?
    • Rima Fakih, Miss USA, is going to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. As a Muslim, she can represent the USA so long as the competition doesn't occur in lower Manhattan.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • My, my, but Mad Men was a bit racist this week. I feel like they were using Roger's hatred of Japanese to make another modern-focused political statement about something or other. What's going on right now that has something to do with people immediately hating a whole group because of something that some of their members did years ago? Anyway, there's got to be something.
    • Someone somewhere had a theory last season that Betty's father once molested Sally. That certainly seems to be a possibility, if not the direction they're going.
    • It's hard to remember because the show has been mostly weak on and off since the second season, but this season of Entourage may be its best. It's much more dramatic, but still manages to be funny. They reinvented Vince and Ari and made Johnny less cartoonish and it's all really clicking.
    • Skipped the bad movies for a minute because I was really busy, but they will make their triumphant return tomorrow.
  • Random Video:
    • Some good birthdays today with Tori Amos and Layne Staley, but we'll go with a guy who turns 52 (52!) today, guitarist Vernon Reid. He co-wrote the first single and track from Vivid, the debut album of Living Colour. It's an okay song.

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