Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Is Daniel Farraday?

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • As always, my Lost thoughts below.
    • You can make fun of 24 a lot and there were some questionable things in this week's episode (Who doesn't recognize the president's husband walking through an apartment building?), but you have to agree that the ending was damn compelling.
    • Heard about this on the Mike O'Meara show today. Check out this music video. Yes, the animation is disturbing, but if you're an American Idol fan, you will recognize the chorus. You'll probably be as surprised as I was that it's an actual song.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • Someone commented on the title of yesterday's post, "Closure". I had written so much about how Obama's election was just the beginning of the movement to fix our country, but now I was calling it the end of something. It's true. I meant closure on the campaign and all of the work, but it is still the beginning. And it just keeps getting more and more fun. As I read and heard about all he had done today, I started drooling like Homer Simpson looking at a donut. Drafting the closing of Gitmo. Moving up the withdrawal from Iraq. Freezing senior staff salaries. Tightening up the lobbyist rules. Telling government agencies that they had better improve their transparency. Freezing or reversing executive orders on off-shore drilling, the prohibition of aid to foreign fertility clinics that even think about abortion, a ban on stem-cell research, and the use of extreme interrogation techniques. It's actually happening. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I'd love to find something in the world to hate on right now, but I just can't.
    • Speaking of, I haven't spoken with or heard from one person who had a bad experience downtown yesterday. I'm sure it happened, but it seems like everyone had a wonderful and memorable time.
  • Lost Comments/Questions For The Week:
    • Obviously, they were able to get into the chamber at some point, because there was the elevator to it from the Orchid and Ben used it to "move" the island. So did opening that chamber cause the catastrophe that the doctor spoke about in those orientation films? And how old is Farraday or has he jumped around in time? If so, is he like Richard? He did have the same problem that Desmond did with living in two times at once.
    • Therefore, the white flash from when the island "moves" has to be related to the white flash from when Desmond turned the key. But the island stayed exactly the same both times that Desmond had to turn it. I'm guessing that whatever energy was inside that room built to an unbearable pressure every 108 minutes.
    • Why does John have to die in order for the Oceanic Six to come back?
    • Why, of course, does them coming back have anything to do with anything?
    • Why didn't the Others jump in time the way that Sawyer, Locke, and company did?
    • The woman that Ben was talking to towards the end was the same woman who, during Desmond's initial time travel (after the hatch explosion), knew who he was and told him he had to go to the island. I'm going to go ahead and assume that she is Farraday's mother and that Desmond needs to find her. Something to do with Farraday and his ability to go back to the island after leaving, I suppose?
    • So, building on that, what if Farraday broke into the chamber, causing whatever Dharma catastrophe, and turned that wheel to see what it was? He'd have to leave and now he's come back (though almost twenty years later and still looking the same, which doesn't make sense). The wheel being hidden/protected must mean that the island was built by people at some point. Maybe, either when Farraday turned it or another time, it jumped to before it was made and the Black Rock happened to be sailing right through that area, which is why it's randomly in the middle of the island? Still, who would have built the island and why? And how?


Marissa said...

On the 24 path, I'd just like to note - In season 3, kills Ryan Chappelle because Stephen Saunders told the president he had to. Now granted, that it was the President who had him kill Chappelle. But still...note - Jack Bauer under pressure to kill hottie FBI agent - he lets her fake her death. Under pressure to kill twitty CTU district guy...that's another story.

Josh said...

I totally thought of Chappelle as I was watching that unfold. I still don't understand why that actor (Paul Schulze, also played Father Phil on The Sopranos) doesn't get more play. said...

Paul Schulze is a fantastic actor and he should DEFINITELY get more roles. I don't understand why he isn't used more.

I was truly sorry and angry when the writers had Ryan Chappelle murdered, Paul was so great in that role and could have done so much more with it if given the chance......stupid writers. If they can do a fake death for the FBI agent they could have done one for Chappelle. I wonder if that's due to them trying to be PC---Jack can kill his boss (a man) in cold blood but not the agent (a woman). In any case they wasted a lot of potential with Chappelle, he could have gone on much longer; if the writers wanted a Director who was on Jack's side they could have had that in Chappelle after he saved his life with a fake execution and they wouldn't have needed a new leader (first Erin, then Lynn, eventually Bill, Jack's buddy); Ryan would have "become Bill" in a way after that. I don't think changing bosses made the show better and in real life do we have a new Director of the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security every couple of years? No we don't, they aren't in a position to be killed in the first place and that's one of the real failings of the show IMO.

I miss Chappelle, the writers screwed up when they killed him. I really hope he returns at some point before the show ends, in some sort of prequel or flashback. It's the least they could do for such a great character.