Monday, January 12, 2009

24: The Quality Might Surprise You

I'm not saying that the 24 premiere was great, by any means, nor that it comes anywhere close to approaching the show's best moments. Judging by the end of last season, it was a bit better. It's nice to have at least one familiar face back (no matter how quickly and poorly they tried to explain away his return) and the action was good enough to make up for other deficiencies. I'll keep watching, but it may be down to my fourth favorite show on Fox, after House, Idol, and Terminator. Maybe it's about equal with Terminator. I don't know if Los Angeles residents had major problems with 24's use of the region, other than the bizarre lack of traffic, but if they're going to use D.C., I'm going to call foul on two very obvious mistakes they made. First, in the opening scene the guy about to be kidnapped gets a call on his cell phone while driving, and picks it up. The hands-free law in D.C. is pretty clear and heavily enforced, so that wouldn't happen. Second, FBI tech Billy Walsh (or whatever his name is, I'll just refer to him as Walsh from Entourage) said that the office they were looking for was at something like 200 Naylor Road, Suite 300. No "Northwest" or "Southeast". Whoops. Otherwise, we probably could have down without the neocon BS about the importance of torture at the beginning.

Football-wise, both games today were fairly one-sided. I wasn't surprised to see Philly win; I don't think anyone was. I was a little surprised by how good the Steelers looked offensively. I don't think they'll be able to do that against the Ravens, but I'd rather they have stunk it up. Should be one heck of a game next Sunday and you have to think that the winner of that will be a huge favorite in the Super Bowl.


Marissa said...

Not only did they not say "Northeast, Southeast..." They said that he had an office on Naylor road "Downtown". I'm not really sure under what definition Naylor Rd is downtown, but when they arrived at said office, they were clearly off 14th St, no where near Naylor Rd.

Roy said...

Inconsistencies aside, I agree with Josh that I though it was pretty good. Certainly back to the realm of 'turn off your brain logic and enjoy' that was missing the last season they had. They did a good job of mixing the action, which was very good, into some form of story, so it wasn't just blow up after blow up for no reason. I also like them referencing Marwan. The one thing I hated about the premiere? The idea that FBI has been compromised. I am SO SICK OF MOLE STORY LINES. It's lazy. Come up with something better.

angie said...

Admitting upfront that I don't watch the show, but have you ever driven in DC? People are talking on their cell phones all the time! The ban may be heavily enforced, but that doesn't stop a lot of people.