Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Can't You Set That Monkey Free?

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • None of the big shows until Wednesday night with my viewing companion out of town. I was going to use the time to watch the pilot of Fox's new show Lie to Me, but let's be honest. That's just not going to happen.
    • Instead, watched a good amount of basketball tonight. #8 Marquette is really good. A veteran team that plays in the nation's toughest conference and has a couple of guys who can get to the hoop when they need to? Sounds like a pretty good March recipe to me.
    • You can also take a look at #5 Oklahoma. Arguably the best player in the nation in Blake Griffin and a solid shooter in Willie Warren. They look ready to go on quite a run and a potential Griffin-Hansbrough matchup in the Final Four would be a hell of a thing. And you know what makes me feel old? Jeff Capel coaching against Travis Ford. I was watching those guys play at Duke and Kentucky when I was in high school and college.
    • And yes, I don't care what anyone says, sports counts as pop culture. See: Jordan, Michael.
  • Random Hatred And/Or Love:
    • The Senate is delaying the digital TV transition by four months. Because a year wasn't enough. "Oh no, we really mean it this time, guys! We're really going to cut you off in four months!" Freaking enablers.
    • Can you imagine what it must be like to live in Illinois? Your governor is a jackass who is skipping his impeachment and making up stupid excuses for things. He's a piercing away from being Dennis Rodman.
  • Random Monkey Sighting:
    • Man, do I hope this monkey got eaten at some point. What a dick!


Marissa said...

Blagoyevich may be as nuts as Rodman, but as per your previous statement, Rodman=Pop Culture where as Governor of big state=Guy who appoints senators, makes laws, and I think can call on the National Guard.

You know, if they get rid of him, I'm totally going to miss him and all that hair.

angie said...

Hey, at least be fair with placing blame and/or ridicule -- the Senate passed a bill to delay the switch to digital at the request of the current President.

Josh said...

Hey -- I totally called out Obama for that last week!!! I even noted that I was taking exception to something he did before he was even inaugurated!