Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Season Premiere Finale: Jack And Tony Sitting In A Tree

The 24 season premiere ended tonight. Here are some thoughts on part two:
  • You had to know Tony wasn't actually bad, right? I said it to my wife last night while watching, just didn't put it in my post.
  • No surprise that Bill and Chloe are floating around, but don't we already have a Chloe this season? Actually, don't we already have a female and a male Chloe this season?
  • And who exactly is financing this whole Bill and Chloe thing? Is Bill like a Wilton Knight, or is he the Devon Miles of the operation and there's a Wilton Knight above him? Yes, I had to look those names up to be sure.
  • Even more bad D.C. stuff aside (only two people near the Tidal Basin around lunch time?!), you have to give the producers a lot of credit for salvaging what looked to be unsalvagable. They've reinvented the show to some extent and it's actually pretty enjoyable again.
  • So, to set up the rest of the season, you have the F.B.I. chasing down the small conspiracy of former government agents who is chasing down the big conspiracy of current government agents. Both of the key field agents, Bauer and Almeida, have died at least one time each and been brought back to life (at least twice in Jack's case).
  • Edgar? Still dead.
Back to our regular format tomorrow as the post-holidays TV season swings back into near-full-speed with the return of the other show we all love to hate, American Idol.


Marissa said...

Inaccuracy 1: No hospital near the botanical gardens.

Inaccuracy 2: No address on Foxhall Rd would be 167. It's in the 30s.

We have an FBI Chloe and an FBI Adam/Sylar.

Things I know will happen
- Adam/Sylar's wife plane is going to go down.
- President's son's ex-girlfriend is dead.

Josh said...

And they left the "FBI HQ" which was obviously somewhere near the Holocaust Museum, supoosedly went west, and ended up driving north past the stadium construction (which dates when it was filmed) towards the Capitol.