Saturday, March 5, 2011

Worst of the Worst: #75, Son Of The Mask

Son of the Mask is well-known as one of the worst movies in recent memory. It has a lot of things going for/against it in terms of low quality. It stars Jamie Kennedy. That's a huge one. It involves an inordinate amount of really, really poor CGI. It prominently features fart and urine jokes and has someone getting hit in the nuts within the first thirty seconds of the film. It was written by someone who wrote for the extraordinarily short-lived The Chevy Chase Show. The plot doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. It's overly schmaltzy at times. It's a sequel to a not-so-classic movie that came out ten years earlier. Kal Penn uses a really fake Indian accent in it. Steven Wright is the fourth-billed person in the movie. And much, much more! Not so long into the movie, probably when Kennedy puts on the mask and does a big, crappy musical number, I got excited by the prospect that Son of the Mask could seriously pose a threat to Master of Disguise as the single least entertaining movie I've ever seen. It is really a miserable piece of garbage.


(No, I'm not about to say that there is any redeeming quality, just counting off excuses.)

I can't put this movie in that company. It's probably not even the second-least entertaining movie I've watched on this list; that may fall to Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love, which beat Son of the Mask for Worst Picture at 2006's Razzie Awards. There are a few reasons why I bump this one up a little. First, it's a kid's movie, which automatically means I'm only going to get it but so much. Yes, this is also true of Master of Disguise, but that one is a little too dirty to not be trying to get adults and also you probably have never seen Master of Disguise, so trust me. Second, I don't think the original The Mask would be nearly as popular if it came out in the last five or six years as it was when it came out seventeen years ago. Comedy is just different. Maybe this doesn't say anything for the newer movie, but I take it into account. Third, my expectations for it were so exaggerated that it could have never lived down to them.

So, in closing, Son of the Mask is not the least entertaining movie I've ever seen. So it has that going for it, which is nice.

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