Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Dance

Halftime of a horribly-played 22-22 VCU-USC game as I wonder if it's too late to give Harvard or St. Mary's a call to show up on Friday, but it's time to take one last look at my brackets as we get rolling tomorrow:
  • Biggest seed upset: #13 Belmont over #4 Wisconsin, of course. Belmont led the nation in scoring margin, a key stat. Wisconsin scored 33 against Penn State the other day and lost by 30 to Ohio State in their last game of the regular season.
  • The classic 12-5 upsets: I have three. Maybe I shouldn't pick Richmond after they didn't show up last year, but I don't like inconsistent teams like Vanderbilt unless they've done something in the tournament before. Clemson looked great last night, but I had them beating WVU before that. I've already written about why Utah State is underseeded.
  • Lowest seed in the Sweet 16: #12 Utah State, again.
  • Lowest seed in the Elite 8: #7 Washington. A little biased because I've loved their style of play for some time, but I wouldn't love it if it didn't lead to success.
  • Best player you've never heard of: Derrick Williams (F, Arizona). Jared Sullinger can still up his stock, but Williams is the first pick in the draft as of right now. He looks the most like an NBA player of anyone I've seen this year.
  • Best player you have heard of: Jimmer. You're going to hear his name a lot for the next few weeks.
  • Worst #1: Pittsburgh.
  • Worst #1 with a ridiculously easy region: Pittsburgh.
  • #1 most likely to choke: Pittsburgh, barely beating Ohio State.
  • My wrong Final Four: Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, and BYU (AKA, anyone but Pittsburgh).
  • My national champion that I hate myself for picking but I can't deny that they are the favorites even though I hope they blow it and I lose: Duke.

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