Thursday, March 10, 2011

And They Are Indisputable

These are the facts:
  • The British show The IT Crowd is really, really funny. A wacky sitcom about two nerds and their just-a-bit-too-desperate female boss. I generally don't like shows with laugh tracks, but it doesn't bother me here too much (maybe I've been softened up by How I Met Your Mother).
  • Traffic Light on Fox started out okay, but has gotten quite funny over the last few episodes. They nail some guy things, a notable one being a story about the morning commute as alone time.
  • No teams of note in the tourney tonight, though a couple of good ones yesterday with Oakland (high-scoring with a legit NBA prospect in the post) and Butler. As always, loving the amount of basketball available between various channels and ESPN3, especially the always entertaining Pac-10 tournament on CSN.
  • Wisconsin came in at #18 in my state rankings of a couple of years ago. Seeing what is going on there makes me feel all the more fortunate to live in as deep blue a state as I do.
  • It's quite likely that my daughter will grow up never knowing that Color Me Badd ever existed, unless I do something about it. My duty, right?


Anonymous said...

A) I hate HIMYM, so I'm not sure I can trust you on TV anymore. A fact which leaves me a trifle at a loss. But

B) Did you know that Traffic Light is based on an Israeli TV show? Well, now you do!

C) Color Me Badd... yes, I'd say you have a duty.

Josh said...

I did know it was based on an Israeli show -- 'Ramzor' -- but my wife, the house's expert on all things Israel, had not heard of it. I'm interested to find it online or see if our local education agency has a copy of it in their resource library.