Monday, February 14, 2011

Out Of Touch

The Grammys are not for me, and I'm okay with that:
  • I have never heard of Esperanza Spalding and I'm still not convinced that she wasn't some audience member that someone called up so they didn't have to give an award to Justin Bieber.
  • I've never heard an Arcade Fire song and they'd probably annoy me if I did because it's probably just another band that sounds like the Shins or some older alt-rock group.
  • The Lady Antebellum song is just fine, but I hate the name of the group and I don't especially like country music, even if it's fake country music that's really pop.
  • I bought four albums all of last year (like the year matters since "Need You Now" was released in 2009): Eminem, Kanye, Ben Folds/Nick Hornby, and the Treme soundtrack. I'm not interested in trying anything by anybody new. Nobody's going to make a song better than half of Stevie Wonder's catalog from the '60s and '70s anyway.
  • If you had told me five years ago that a guy who looks like Tony Gwynn would dress up like Elton John in a chicken suit and sing a song with Gwyneth Paltrow, I'd slowly back away. (Granted, that song is really good, even if I hate censorship.)
  • Someone today told me I really needed to see the performance with Usher, Bieber, and Jaden Smith. I slowly backed away.
  • The Grammys are not for me. I didn't watch a second until I found low-quality YouTube videos of Eminem's and Cee-Lo's performances. Wasn't Adam Levine supposed to be with Eminem at some point? I only saw Rihanna and some other chick who I have no idea who she is. My annoyance with the state of music is making my grammar bad.
  • In closing, we should rename the Grammys into "The Music White People Like Awards". Thank you for your time.

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