Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can You Imagine Bouncing A Check To Kunta Kinte?

  • The Monologue:
    • Fox News doctors footage. I, for one, am shocked. Seriously though, it's not like we're not asking for Fox and MSNBC to be what they are. People watch for entertainment and they deliver.
    • There's plenty of stuff out there for people who are unfamiliar with technology (take The Social Network, for example) and the way that stuff deals with the technology makes me laugh. Not sure when to text? Let your spirit guides at tell you!
    • I'm realizing this has gotten away from being a monologue and is more just random links again.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Community overall was great with its stylistic satire of The Office/Parks and Rec/Modern Family, but the real joy was Donald Glover. His fake cry is funnier than anyone else's. Fans of the Mike O'Meara Show will especially appreciate the use of the Reading Rainbow theme song in tonight's episode.
    • Straight men can't go funny in every episode, but if you use them sparingly, the times they do go funny is extra funny. Witness Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation tonight, who has been bone dry in both of his major roles so far (the other being Party Down) but was absolutely crazy in this most recent episode.
    • No matter how well it came together at one point tonight, I'm this close to just fast-forwarding through any 30 Rock scene that doesn't feature Liz or Jack.
    • Tonight, a character on Grey's Anatomy was excited about tickets to the Huskies game, proclaiming, "It's the title game of the Pac-10 tournament! If they win, they get an automatic bid to March Madness!" A) the Pac-10 tournament is always at Staples Center. B) Nobody talks about a "bid to March Madness." If "NCAA Tournament" or "the Tournament" are copyrighted, just don't bother talking about that in the show. Instead, they lost me early in what turned out to be a pretty good episode.
  • Random Video:
    • Today's birthdays include Billie Joe Armstrong and Paris Hilton. With all due respect to Green Day, nobody really cares about seeing a video from either of them, right?

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